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20 Must-Have Mason Jar Kitchen Accessories

Sep 21, 2022

20 Must-Have Mason Jar Kitchen Accessories


Hey there, Mason jar fans!

If you’re here, then you probably already know that Mason jars are amazingly useful, versatile, and so much more than just a canning jar! Maybe you use them to for flowers, to sort office supplies, store leftovers, drink your morning coffee… you get the idea. But they’re also your perfect kitchen helpers beyond preserving your garden’s bounty. I’m hoping to expand your thinking in this blog post and help you see all the ways Mason jars are perfect in the kitchen – with the right accessories!

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#1 Foaming Soap Pump

Let’s start at the sink since that seems to be where I’m always standing (why are there always more dishes to do?!). I LOVE our a-Mason soap pumps for hand soap, dish soap, lotion (no dish pan hands for me!), and even hand sanitizer. We’ve been trying and testing foaming soap pumps for years and have finally perfected it with our newest foaming soap pump addition to the line up. With just one or two pumps, you get a rich lather to suds up with, plus I love saving money by making my own refill with castile soap. See the video below to catch it in action!

#2 Soap Pumps

If you don’t love the look of plastic dish soap, hand soap, and lotion bottles on your countertop, then neaten up your life by filling a pint jar with them and adding one of our soap pump lids! We have a variety of finishes to match your fixtures and style. Plus I like to keep mine in a caddy for added organization and stability so they’re not as easy to knock over.



#3 Frog/Flower Lids

Galvanized metal chicken wire frog flower organizer lids for regular and wide mouth Mason jars

I like to keep flowers by the sink for something nice to look at while I work, and frog lids make arranging my assortment of backyard blooms look perfect every time! I also keep a small stash of them on hand to make bouquets to give away as well, since it’s a lovely and easy gift to whip up. We use frog lids to keep our straws in order too!

The dirty dishes in my house are constant, because, at all times, someone seems to be cooking and eating, and Mason jars are perfect for storing the staples for all the cooks in your life. We all know that pantry organization can be a challenge – you want it to look good, be functional, and also be airtight to keep food fresh. Whether you’re shopping in bulk at your favorite refill shop or grocery store, buying warehouse-sized pantry staples, or just want to get rid of all the different size bags and boxes, then I’ve got some ideas for you!



#4 Pour and Store Lids

Hands down my favorite pantry accessory is our pour and store lids (we have them with and without handles, and I use both!). These are great for keeping food fresh but also make it easy to pour out and measure what I need. You can cut off the label from the original bag/box and put that on your jar (so you remember what’s in there and keep cooking instructions/nutritional info/etc.) or use a chalkboard label for a more streamlined look.

As a side note, I also use our pour and store lids for storing liquids in the pantry and fridge as well. They’re perfect for milk, cold brew coffee, lemonade, iced tea, or large quantities of oil or syrups.

Mason Jar Lifestyle 20 Must-Have Mason Jar Kitchen Accessories best top need useful blog pour and store lids pantry sort organize airtight spill proof storage oil cruet extra virgin olive oil EVOO vinegar drizzle

#5 Stainless Steel Oil Cruet

Pour and store lids are great for liquids but aren’t ideal for things you want to drizzle. For that job, we call on our stainless steel oil cruet lids, which look great by the stove or on your table, as well as in the pantry. These beauties will be your EVOO’s newest BFF! They’re also perfect for vinegars and syrups.

#6 Storage Lids (Stainless Steel & Plastic)

Another great option is our storage lids in stainless steel and plastic. Both come with our premium silicone lid liners to keep your food airtight and spill proof. Plus, storage lids are flat so you can easily and neatly stack up smaller jars of individual snack portions in your pantry (or fridge/freezer). We also have grain lids which are popular for rice, oats, and other dry goods.

#7 Honey Dipper

Local honey tastes great, helps with allergies, and is so much fun to buy (I just love watching those little bees work!). Keeping it in a Mason jar helps it stay fresh, and adding a honey dipper makes it easy to use. Now you can easily add some golden deliciousness to your oatmeal, toast, tea, and so much more! Plus honey dippers are ridiculously cute!

#8 Stainless Steel Spice Lids

Another great addition to your pantry or counter top is stainless steel spice lids to keep your seasonings fresh and easy to use. This is the perfect solution for those buying herbs and spices in bulk or drying from their own garden.

Mason Jar Lifestyle 20 Must-Have Mason Jar Kitchen Accessories best top need useful blog stainless steel rust proof honey dipper spice lid cooking baking bulk local

Let’s move from the pantry to the coffee and tea bar/station! I know some people don’t drink coffee or tea, but for me – they’re life!

From black coffee in the morning, to cold brew while running afternoon errands, or winding down with a cup of chamomile – I just love drinking coffee and tea! With the right accessories, you can set up a cute and affordable coffee and tea bar in your own kitchen.

So grab a few accessories, some cute art, and set up a cozy nook in your kitchen!

#9 Coffee & Spice Grinder

First – the coffee! We have a fun, manual coffee and spice grinder that’s great for when you’re camping, off grid, or just like to do things the old fashioned way! It works for grindable spices, as well, so you’re sure to find endless uses for it. Check out the video below to see how to assemble it and how easy it is to grind your own beans in any amount you want.



#10 Spoon Clip

Once your beans are ground, you can store the extras in a Mason jar with a spoon clip in plastic or stainless steel (you can do this with whole beans and loose leaf tea too of course!). This is a great solution to have a dedicated coffee/tea spoon handy at all times!

#11 Cold Brew Filter Kit for Coffee & Tea

Then you’ll want to scoop your grounds or loose leaf tea into a cold brew filter. If you haven’t tried cold brewed coffee or sun tea, then you really must! Cold brewed coffee is less acidic and smoother to drink, plus a little concentrate goes a long way so a quart can easily last you all week. Cold brewed has more caffeine so I typically make half caf/half decaf for my afternoon blend.


#12 Food Grade Pumps

Now that you have your coffee or tea, it’s time to dress it up! Our new food grade pumps aren’t just for condiments – they can be used to store and serve flavored syrups. Fill up your favorite jar, add a pump and lid, and let your inner barista shine!

#13 Sugar Lids

A retro styled sugar lid is perfect to store your sweetener and keep it stylish. If you like honey in your tea, keep a honey dipper here for easy application. And last but not least, I like to store half and half or milk in a Mason jar with a pour and store lid in the fridge to have it handy for my coffee and tea.

#14 Silicone Sleeves

Now that we have our coffee and tea brewing, we need just the right Mason jar and accessories to drink it from! I use a silicone sleeve on every Mason jar I drink from because I like my drinks both hot (for protection) and cold (for insulation), and secure (for grip). Plus I’m kind of accident prone and drop them a lot, so the sleeve helps them bounce and not break!

#15 Silicone Straw Hole and Drinking Lids

I also tend to overfill my jar, so adding a drinking lid to my hot beverage or a straw hole to my cold ones helps keep my hands and shirt and car and desk… well you get the idea – clean. Plus they’re super cute and you can pick a color to match your mood (or assign one color to each family member to minimize drink mix-ups). A silicone drinking or straw hole lid helps add some protection if the jar is dropped, which as I stated above, I’m prone to do. They also add some insulation.

#16 Straws

And of course if you use a straw hole lid, then you need a straw! I like variety in my life, so I tend to vary the straw I pick based on what I’m drinking and how slowly or quickly I want to sip it. For water, I often opt for a smoothie straw to get in more hydration. For an iced tea or flavored, a safer straw. And for cold brewed coffee, a thin bent so I don’t inhale it! You can add our new silicone straw tips to the safer or thin bent straws for added comfort and protection (we love them!). Check out all the options in stainless steel, glass, silicone, and even biodegradable paper!

#17 Divider Cups

Last but certainly not least – food prep! Eating healthy can be a struggle when it’s not convenient. Make easy, nutritious grab-and-go meals and snacks with our silicone divider cups. Use these to prepare ahead salads and homemade dressing, veggie sticks and hummus, apple slices and nut butter, yogurt and granola… you get the idea! Make them at the start of the week and keep them crisp in the fridge for fast, fresh eats.

#18 Sprouting Lids

One thing I love on my salad or sandwiches is fresh sprouts. Sprouting peas, seeds, and grains is so much easier than you might be thinking – especially with one of our sprouting lids. We have the stainless steel, curved or built in base sprouting lid to pick from. Both make sprouting as easy as rinse, drain, repeat, and eat when ready!



#19 Stainless Steel Juicing Lid

Citrus fruits are one of my favorites to flavor water or fresh sun tea with, and a beautiful, stainless steel juicing lid makes it that much easier! You can squeeze fresh juice to add to your recipes, whip up a fresh batch of lemonade or margaritas, or just flavor the jar of water you’re drinking out of. If you’re already drinking out of a wide mouth Mason jar, then you can just attach the juicing lid, squeeze a little flavoring, and keep on sipping!

#20 Three Piece Airlock and Silicone Straw Hole Lid for Fermentation

mason-jar-lifestyle-regular-mouth-pint-silicone-ferment-lid-airlock-sleeve-bright-blueAnother popular way to use Mason jars in the kitchen is as a a fermentation vessel. We carry a 3 piece airlock for fermenting that fits snuggly into our silicone straw hole lid for an effective and easy to clean set up. So start a batch of sauerkraut, kimchi, lemons, or honeyed garlic today!

I hope this post has inspired you to find new and innovative ways to use your Mason jars in the kitchen! I’d love for you to share your ideas with us. Come by and share with us on social media! I’d love to connect with you : ) Join the conversations going on right now on our Facebook business page, Mason Jar Lifestyle, or Facebook group, Living The Mason Jar Lifestyle! We are also on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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