Our Story

Welcome to Mason Jar Lifestyle

We’re Maggie and Ryan, the Chief Mason Jar Geeks, founders, and owners of Mason Jar Lifestyle. We’re here to help eco-fabulous people (like you!) find the most innovative, charming, and useful Mason jar accessories anywhere (in one convenient location – lucky you!) so that you can “Live the Lifestyle” too! 

Our A-Mason Start

Here at the Helseth Urban Homestead, we’re wrangling three young kids, two temperamental cats, one elderly Italian Greyhound, nine free-rangin’ chickens, and a hive full of bees! Needless to say, it’s hectic around here! And working your typical 9-5 just didn’t work for us – so we needed a solution!

We love Mason Jars and their accessories, but we couldn’t find any one place that had everything we were looking for.

So what began with a dream that flowed from our passion led us to create Mason Jar Lifestyle in 2015!

Big Ball-ers…

When we first started Mason Jar Lifestyle, our warehouse was literally our home office. We quickly burst out of that small room and took up our entire two-car garage
(poor sad cars living on the street)!

But even that couldn’t hold all this awesomeness for long! We then moved to a small office suite and now to our big, beautiful warehouse/office/coolness headquarters in Wheat Ridge, CO!

We’ve also expanded our team over the years and have hired several family friends to help with packing and shipping orders. We also brought in our resident glass artisan to run our glass shop (be sure you check out those amazing pendant lights he hand cuts!).

We at Mason Jar Lifestyle value our employees and strive to treat them like family. All employees working over 30 hours receive health insurance, we pay a living wage, and we provide a family-friendly work environment. After all, happy employees lead to happy customers!

Putting People First Is What We Do

(Because We Kerr…)

Here at Mason Jar Lifestyle, we want to be your one-stop, Mason jar shop! From canning to cocktails, fermenting to food storage, drinking to decorating – whatever you’re dreaming of, we’ve got you covered. We’re constantly inventing and introducing new products. Looking for something we don’t have? Drop us a line with your ideas for Mason jar accessories you’d like to see available here at Mason Jar Lifestyle. We’d love to hear from you!

Want to learn about our a-Mason team and learn about their favorite products?
Head Over To Our Team Page!