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Pour & Store Pitcher Lid with Handle for Wide Mouth Mason Jars


Turn your Wide Mouth Mason jar into a pitcher! Pour, store, shake, or carry any liquid or pourable dry good (such as sugar, salt, grains, seeds, etc).

Feel free to shake it up – this lid won’t leak (hold the flap while shaking). Air tight for long term storage.

One Wide Mouth pitcher lid per order. Wide mouth jars are 3″ internal diameter.


There are almost infinite uses for our pitcher lids – they are almost as versatile as Mason jars themselves!

Currently only available for wide mouth jars, and only in Gray.

Microwave, dishwasher, freezer safe. Polypropylene plastic (BPA-Free) with silicone seal.

They have a 1″ hole and a silicone gasket to prevent leaking.

Just some of the many uses:

  • Making salad dressing – perfect for making and dispensing home made dressings and sauces.
  • Drinking lids – with or without a straw, these work great for almost any beverage
  • Dispenser lids – we keep seeds and nuts in jars, and they would work for lots of other pantry products. I use a lot of seeds in my morning smoothies, and I always keep a quart jar filled with mixed flax, chia, sesame, poppy, and hemp seeds
  • Pouring lids – we always have a few half gallon jars of juice, kombucha, tea, or iced coffee in our fridge. Without a pitcher lid they dribble a little when I pour out of them, but now they pour cleanly and there is no lid to set down while I am holding my glass and the jar
  • Store cooking liquids – keep your oils, vinegars, liquid aminos, and other cooking sauces neatly organized in Mason jars. Air tight storage and clean pouring.
  • Protein shake lids – Makes a perfect protein shaker cup

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Becky (West Bend, WI, US)

It is exactly what was needed after I made the cold brew coffee and wanted to pour it into a smaller container from the 1/2 gallon mason jar.

Susan Michie (Rogers, AR, US)

A must have! Wonderful product!

Laura Hanna (Yucaipa, CA, US)

I’m trying to downsize and Mason jars are the ultimate multitasker. Specialty lids make them… well, special enough to put on the table. Cold brew coffee, juice, syrup, milk, Sangria… The list goes on.

Linda (Mesa, Arizona) (Glendale, AZ, US)
Pour & Store Pitcher Lid

This is a great product! I have a small fruit infuser I use to make a quart jar of lemon water. It is nice to be able to pour some out and leave the infuser in the water in the fridge.

Jane E. Gram (Mount Pleasant, IA, US)
Super nifty item

We’ve kept the syrup from my husband’s family farm in mason jars for years. I finally got smart and ordered the pour and store lid. I love it!! Fits perfectly and doesn’t drip. Awesome!

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