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12 Reasons I Use Mason Jars For My Morning Coffee

Jun 21, 2022


12 Reasons I Use Mason Jars For My Morning Coffee

Hey there, Mason jar fans!

Coffee is life. And Mason jars are life. So obviously using Mason jars for my morning (and afternoon…) coffee is a perfect marriage at my house, and I think it can be for you too! I’m going to share with you a handful of reasons why I use Mason jars for my coffee, which will hopefully expand your thinking — having you switch from ceramic mugs, stainless steel to-go cups, and other tumblers to Mason jars and our stylish accessories.

Reason #1 – They’re Cute!

Mason Jar Lifestyle regular mouth pint with black morning hot coffee

Yes, I said it – they’re cute! I’ve been known for making decisions based on cuteness including who I’m rooting for in the Super Bowl, because I think aesthetics are important. My enjoyment is enhanced by how visually pleasing I find a product from the color, style, pattern, and texture. Mason jars have a classic, beautiful shape and design that evokes wonderful memories. Coffee feels right at home in a Mason jar, whether it’s hot or iced, and that’s taken to the next level with the perfect accessories!

Reason #2 – Keep Track of Your Ounces

If you’re a coffee fan (like me), then you know how easy it is to drink cup after cup after cup of that dark, delicious nectar of life! I can easily drink coffee the bulk of the day (I come by that honestly from my father), and Mason jars help me keep track of how many cups I’ve had. Plus, since Mason jars come in sizes from 4 ounces to 64 ounces – you can really personalize how much coffee you’re consuming. For example, 4oz jelly jars are just right for a shot of espresso, while 24oz pint and a half jars are my iced coffee’s BFF.

Reason #3 – Grind Your Own Beans

Did you know you can grind your own beans, at home or camping, using only your hands and a Mason jar! Mason Jar Lifestyle has spent years developing our coffee grinder, which has a nut you can use to adjust the coarseness. Make the perfect cup of coffee if you’re living off the grid, out camping for the weekend, experiencing a power outage, or just like to grind your own beans. Our grinder can also be used for hard spices like peppercorns, whole allspice, coriander, and more.

Reason #4 – Easily Converts To Travel


One of the best parts of using Mason jars for my morning coffee is how easily I can convert it to an on-the-go beverage for carpooling to school or commuting to work. I typically drink my coffee in a 16oz wide mouth pint or 24oz pint and a half jar with a sleeve while I’m getting ready or working from home, but as soon as I need to head out the door I just grab a silicone drinking lid and stainless steel band – and off I go! Our Mason Jar Lifestyle silicone lids are one of my favorite accessories, because they feel great to drink out of and keep me from spilling coffee all over my car and myself.

Reason #5 – Fits In Your Car Cupholder


Another great reason to use Mason jars for your morning coffee is because jars up to a pint and a half sizes will fit in most car’s cupholders. When I head out in the morning, I have one 24oz jar full of black coffee and one 24oz jar full of water (got to keep balance, right?!). These jars are my faithful copilots for my gridlock commutes to the MJL warehouse or early morning school drop off, so I can stay caffeinated and hydrated safely while driving. The silicone drinking and straw hole lids keep my liquids contained and my car (and my shirt) clean while drinking and traveling.

Reason #6 – Regulate Your Coffee Temperature

Warm frothy coffee in a wide mouth Ball pint jar ready to go / travel with faux leather sleeve with handle, gray silicone drinking lid, and stainless steel band

While stainless steel, double wall, insulated tumblers are amazing for keeping ice and drinks cold even on the hottest day, I find it’s too much for my cuppa joe. If I use one for my black coffee, then I find it scalding to drink even hours later unless I add cold water or ice. Using a glass jar helps to regulate the temperature of my morning brew and then adding a silicone or faux leather sleeve to protect my hands and offer just the right amount of insulation and added grip.

Reason #7 – Brew Hot Or Cold Brew Coffee In Your Jars

Yes that’s right – you can use your beloved Mason jars to brew hot or cold brew coffee right in them with our MJL cold brew coffee and tea filter! Cold brew coffee is perfect to craft smooth, less acidic, delicious coffee which you can enjoy over ice, with milk, or even warmed up, and is simple to make with this incredible filter. Grab your pint, quart, or half-gallon Mason jar and the right sized filter and start making iced coffee, sun teas, nut milk, fruit and herb infused water or alcohol and more in your favorite Mason jars!

Reason #8 – Rinse & Reuse

As I mentioned in our blog post, Mason Jar Water Bottle: For Any Activity, I’m a big fan of drinking warm water (I know it might sound weird, but you should try it!). I love to reduce my dirty dish pile by reusing my morning coffee jar to drink warm water. I simply rinse out my Mason jar and silicone drinking lid and refill with 160° warm water before heading back to my desk to work. This keeps me warm while I work and I can start getting my water ounces in. I like to use our new gray plastic handle lid too if I’m heading out to walk or otherwise on-the-go.

Reason #9 – Save Space In Your Cabinet

You already have and love Mason jars and are looking for more fun and useful ways to use them, so adding some accessories can help you streamline your cabinet. That pint jar in your cupboard can be a hot coffee mug, an iced cold brew travel cup, fruit infused water tumbler, leftover storage container, evening at home cocktail shaker, meal prep grater or cherry pitter, home beautifying vase or cloche, soap pump, and and and… Really the list is nearly endless! Clean out some space by donating your surplus of mugs, tumblers, to-go cups, plastic food storage containers, mismatched vases, and more with a handful of accessories!

Reason #10 – Mix & Match Colors to Match Your Mood

Regular Mouth Silicone Drinking Lids with Stainless Steel Bands

This one sort of goes along with how cute Mason jars are, but at Mason Jar Lifestyle we carry our silicone sleeves, straw hole lids, and drinking lids in a variety of colors. It’s great because each member of the family can pick their custom color combination and keep track of their jar (instead of getting out cup after cup after cup…). It’s also nice because you can mix and match our colors to match your mood or get close approximations to your favorite sports team, regular (Muggle) school colors or Hogwarts house colors, or whatever you want to represent!

Reason #11 – Assure You Have The Perfect Blend


Since Mason jars are typically clear glass (you can of course get some colored ones as well) you can see that your coffee is exactly the way you like! Like a rich, strong roast? You can see that your coffee is brewed nice and dark. Maybe you’re a light roast fan? Ensure your blonde, breakfast blend is brewed to perfection. Like to add a little milk? With a clear jar you can be sure you get to just the right shade of café au lait. Then you can put your Mason jar in a silicone sleeve to protect your hands from the heat, a drinking lid on top to prevent spills, and off you go!

Reason #12 – Perfect For Hot Or Cold Coffee

One Mason jar is completely multifunctional and perfect for both your morning cup of hot coffee or your afternoon cold brew. Unlike most tumblers and travel mugs, Mason jars are nonplastic, nontoxic, nonreactive glass. Plus, since Mason jars are made of glass, you never have to worry about any chemicals leaching into your drinks or getting any weird plastic taste or smell. You can drink your pipping hot coffee or slowly savor your iced latte in a Mason jar and never worry about what else is being added to your tasty beverage.

Also, you can drink your hot or cold coffee so many different ways when you use a Mason jar. As I said earlier, I like to drink my morning coffee straight from the jar with a silicone sleeve to insulate and protect my hands. But you can easily add a silicone drinking lid, or a straw hole lid and straw, or a pour and store lid with or without a straw, and so many more ways! However you like to enjoy your warm and cozy morning brew or your afternoon pick-me-up, a Mason jar is your new best friend!


I hope you’ve been inspired by some of these ideas to expand your thinking and ways you can enjoy your morning coffee from a beautiful Mason jar! I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got other ideas or suggestions – so feel free to share in the comments or come hang out with us on social media. I’d love to connect with you : ) Join the conversations going on right now on our Facebook business page, Mason Jar Lifestyle, or Facebook group, Living The Mason Jar Lifestyle! We are also on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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