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Rust Proof Stainless Steel Bands / Rings for Mason Jars 5 Pack


Stainless steel bands / rings that will not rust!

Dishwasher safe – Perfect for drinking lids, fermentation, and lids that get used a lot.

Not for canning – We have had a few reports that they can come loose. Other customers have reported they work fine, but we are not recommending them for canning as a precaution.

2 styles available – With “Mason Jar Lifestyle” and “Stainless Steel” stamped into the band, or without any stamping. The size and threading are exactly the same.

5 Bands per Order


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Rusted canning jar rings are a common problem, but now you can replace your old rusted bands with these higher quality stainless steel bands.

No more rust on your jars, on your drinking lids, or on your hands!

Stainless steel is not rust proof, but it is very rust resistant. These bands will not rust with normal use.

They are made of .2mm thick 18/8 304 grade stainless steel. They are almost identical in thickness and size to the standard bands that jars come with.

They look so similar to standard tinplate canning bands that it can be hard to tell them apart. One way to test is that 304 stainless steel is nonmagnetic but steel is magnetic. Another way is to wash them in the dishwasher a few times and see which bands get rusty.

Choose Mouth Size

Case of 240 Wide Mouth, Case of 306 Regular Mouth, Case of 500 Wide Mouth, Regular Mouth, Wide Mouth

Choose Option

No Logo, With Logo


Mason Jar Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Thomas Markielewski (Ripon, WI, US)
Nice, but very tight fitting

I bought two 5-packs for use on some vintage jars which I use as soap dispensers (with stainless-steel pump inserts), due to the jars being water stained and etched from years of being abused by automatic dishwashers (the defects are hidden by the liquid soap). I chose the stainless rings due to my regular rings constantly rusting in as little as a few months from the inevitable water which winds up on the rings from dispensing soap. I noticed they would not quite fit my old quart Hero Fruit Jar Co. jar, which has the Maltese cross and "Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858" on it. This jar has a rough mouth and is from before the "Perfect Mason" was invented (the kind where the threads and jar were made on automatic glass container-making machinery and the mouth was made smooth). I was not able to screw it on properly and had to settle for a standard light-gauge steel Ball ring, which does fit, but will eventually rust and have to be replaced. So beware, these rings WILL fit "Perfect Mason"-style jars (any machine-made jar, Ball or otherwise, produced after around 1910 or so), but may not fit earlier jars where the glass was blown into molds and the threaded part applied later.

Linda Harvey (Alachua, FL, US)

Please order with logo. I failed to do so and will have to paint them in order to tell them from my regular lids. My mistake and no fault of the company.

Vivian Fields (Hyattsville, MD, US)

Love them

William McCaffrey (North Hollywood, CA, US)
Great Quality

These stainless steel bands are so much nicer than the canning rings that typically come with jars. Personally, I love an use the plastic storage lids from MJL almost daily. For me, these are a little more specific. Great for the fermentation lid, drinking lid, or using with the silicone seals. I'm sure there are many other uses as well. Thanks again for great quality products.

Ben Ryterband (Lexington, MA, US)
Family Business Quality

Excellent quality and wonderful presentation and customer service. So happy for them. Their stainless steel rings do not corrode and fit Ball jars perfectly.

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