Stainless Steel Rust Resistant Bands / Rings for Mason Jars 5 Pack


Finally you can buy stainless steel bands that will not rust!

Dishwasher safe! Perfect for drinking lids, fermentation, and lids that get used a lot.

The threading on these bands is not as strong as standard bands, and we have had a few reports that they can come loose in a water bath or pressure canner. Other customers have not experienced any problems, but at this time we are not recommending that you use them for canning. We are working with the factory to improve the threading for future batches.

5 Pack!

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Product Description

Rusted canning jar rings are a common problem, but now you can replace your old rusted bands with these higher quality stainless steel bands.

No more rust on your jars, on your drinking lids, or on your hands!

Stainless steel is not rust proof, but it is very rust resistant. These bands will not rust with normal use.

They are made of .2mm thick 18/8 304 grade stainless steel. They are almost identical in thickness and size to the standard bands that jars come with.

They look so similar to standard tinplate canning bands that it can be hard to tell them apart. One way to test is that 304 stainless steel is nonmagnetic but steel is magnetic. Another way is to wash them in the dishwasher a few times and see which bands get rusty.

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