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We're Hiring a Full Time Shipping Specialist!

Aug 12, 2020
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Feb 1, 2024 - This position is no longer available


Want To Work For An Awesome Small Business?

Sweet! Because We Need You On Our Team!

Hey there, Mason jar fans!

We’re hiring a shipping specialist here at the Mason Jar Lifestyle warehouse located in beautiful Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Interested? Perfect! Read on! Instructions to apply for the job are at the end of this page.

At MJL, we treat our employees like family and work together as a team to make this company succeed. We’re growing and want you to grow along with us!

We are looking for someone who is excited about this job and our business, not just someone looking for a job in general.

Why Do You Want To Work For MJL?
First, a little bit about us (if you don’t already know ).

Mason Jar Lifestyle is a family run, small business founded and owned by Maggie and Ryan (who are the BEST bosses – and I’m not just saying that since they’ll read this!). They started this company in 2015 from a spare room in their house and now we fill to the rafters our 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse!

Here at MJL, we foster a fun, flexible, and positive work environment for our team with a kickin’ sound system, real kitchen (with all the appliances!), big windows and plenty of light, bi-monthly happy hours, kid friendly policies and general hijinks. Want to get to know your future coworkers and find out why we love working here? Check out our bios HERE!

PLUS – if you like our stuff (and how could you not?!), then you’ll love your employee discount! Build up your own sweet stash of MJL goodies and never search for a last minute present again.


Tell Me About The Job!

  • Full time position working in the MJL shipping department. The shipping position at a basic level involves printing customer packing slips, locating the products, packing them into boxes, and printing the shipping label. Accuracy is super important, so you need to have very good attention to detail.
  • The job is mostly shipping, but because we are a small business you will be asked to do other random tasks from time to time.
  • This job requires moderate physical activity - standing or walking the entire shift, helping carry in incoming deliveries, and the ability to occasionally lift 50 pound boxes
  • Pay starts at $19/hour
    • Health insurance is offered after 3 months of employment
    • There is also potentially a performance based bonus.
  • Workload will be about 40 hours a week
  • Shipping shifts will be 5 days in a row with either Mon-Tues, Tues-Wed, or Wed-Thurs off. Our warehouse manager Rachael will ship those 2 days.
    • If you’re in a pinch, we work as a team, and you may ask another team member to trade or cover hours from time to time. We are all pretty flexible.
  • Work Hours:
    • 5 days per week, 8 hours per shift, starting at 7-9am.
    • Hours are somewhat flexible, but the packages need to be ready to go when the post office picks up around 3-4pm on weekdays. Sunday hours are completely flexible.
  • It's hard to pack orders accurately and quickly while talking, so we find that chatty personalities struggle with this job.
  • Sometimes you will be in the warehouse alone, but usually there will be other people working in other areas. We ship everything, so you won't be dealing directly with customers.
  • The MJL Warehouse is located in Wheat Ridge near 44th and Kipling
  • We strive for accuracy and hold shippers accountable to a less than 1% error rate (we’ll help you with that).
  • We all have to chip into keep the warehouse clean after each shift.
  • We’re a small business so when someone is sick or on vacation we have to pitch in to cover their workload. Ideally your schedule will be moderately flexible to help coverage.
  • As a retail business, we need all hands on deck for the busy holiday season
    • Mid November to Mid December - especially around Black Friday weekend.
  • This job requires you to have a car, valid Driver’s License, and automobile insurance as driving your personal vehicle (to drop packages off at the Post Office, etc.) is required.
Mason Jar Lifestyle Family

Who Are We Looking For?
Someone who is…

  • Reliable
  • Detail oriented
  • High energy
  • Excited to help the business grow
  • Green minded
  • Friendly 
  • A team player
  • Flexible and open to changes
  • Computer savvy
    (can use apps in Windows, change printer settings, basic troubleshooting)
  • Self motivated
  • A problem solver

How To Apply?

Love us and want us to get to know you better? Great!

  • Attach a cover letter to your email, including:
    • Information about you!
    • Do you have any special skills or experience that may be valuable to an e-commerce business?
    • Why do you want to work at MJL?
    • What’s your favorite product on our website and why?
    • What’s your favorite way to use a Mason jar or your favorite green living tip!
    • What motivates you at a job?
    • Do you enjoy working alone?
  • Include your resume and contact info
  • Include 3 references
  • Title your email "Shipping position application - (Your Name)"
  • Send your application to Ryan@MasonJarLifestyle.com
  • Applications that do not follow all of these instructions will not be considered.


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