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We’re Maggie and Ryan, Mason jar geeks. We have three kids seven and under as well as two cats, one Italian Greyhound, five chickens, and bees. Shortly after our third child was born, we decided to start a family business, so that we could work from home and spend more time with our kids.

After considering a wide variety of potential businesses (real estate, retail, restaurant), we decided that an e-commerce store would give us the flexibility we wanted. While researching products that we could develop a brand around, we realized that there was no single source for all the various accessories for Mason jars. We knew we could create a great shopping experience for all the Mason jar lovers out there, so we decided to launch Mason Jar Lifestyle.

In the beginning, our warehouse was our home office and we handled all the shipping ourselves. We expanded into our two car garage (cars parked on the street), then into a sublease office suite, and finally into our current warehouse / office in beautiful Wheat Ridge, CO. Along the way we have hired several family friends to help with packing and shipping orders. We recently bought a tile saw, wet belt sander, and wet grinder to cut and sand glass, and hired our friend Terry to run the glass shop.

We use Mason jars for everything, from canning and fermentation to drinking glasses and pantry storage. We love our jars, and our mission is to share that love with you! If you can envision a use for a Mason jar, you can probably find the accessory to make that vision a reality in our shop. If you can’t, it’s likely on the way! Drop us a line with ideas for what Mason jar accessories you’d like to see available here at Mason Jar Lifestyle. We’d love to hear from you! contact@masonjarlifestyle.com

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