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Did Your Team Win??

Jan 25, 2017

Well, even if your team isn’t going to the big game, you’re going to watch, right? I’m sure you’re going to have a Super Bowl party with all the fun ideas we gave you in our blog post a few weeks ago. 🙂 The great thing about Mason Jars is their versatility. They’re like that little black dress — you can dress them up or down!

So this post is going to expand on our post from a few weeks ago. By now you should have gotten your Mason Jar Lifestyle Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker Lid and Long Spoon/Fork for Quart Mason Jars. You’ll need a few other things for presentation and drinking purposes of course – faux leather cuffs, silicone koozies, cute decorative lids, reusable straws. Then bust out that awesome Mason Jar Speaker and you’ve got a Super Bowl party!

Now I’ve got a craft from Mason Jar Crafts to step up your Mason Jar Super Bowl Party game. Check out these really cute Super Bowl Mason Jars and click here to see how to make them.

These will help make your Super Bowl tablescape extra cute and extra festive, and they are a really fun weekend craft project. With the weather the way it is for most of us now, we could all use a fun craft project!

You have your Mason Jar Lifestyle accessories, cute tablescape decor but something’s missing. What could it be? Chili, served in Mason Jars, of course. I found this cute idea on evermineOcassions website where they also have fun personalized labels you can order to put on your Mason Jars. What?!?! Very cute, very portable, and low on the messy scale — a win-win for the party planner and the clean-up crew.

This is shaping up to be one amazing Super Bowl Mason Jar party! Mason Jar party planning is truly endless. Share with us some of your Mason Jar Super Bowl party ideas, or, better yet, head over to Instagram and tag us in your pictures. Don’t forget to use #masonjarlifestyle.

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