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Silicone Sleeve for Wide Mouth Pint 16oz Mason Jars


We love to use glass jars instead of plastic cups, but there is always the worry that they will end up broken on the ground.

These silicone sleeves for Wide Mouth Pint (16oz) jars add grip and padding, and they also insulate. Wide mouth pint jars have straight sides and are 3″ internal diameter.

Whether you call it a Koozie, a Kozie, a Coozy, a Cozy, or just an insulating sleeve, it’s perfect for protecting your glass jar from breakage and your hand from cold or heat.

Made of 100% silicone rubber, these sleeves are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! Silicone is a safe, green, non-plastic (BPA free) material for food use that does not leach any chemicals.


We have redesigned these sleeves to eliminate the inside groove that runs around the top. The older style clips onto the glass bead or rim, just under the jar threading. This makes them a little more secure once on, but harder to get on and off. The new style is tight on current production Ball jars but a little loose on Kerr jars.

I drink my coffee from a wide mouth pint jar every morning. My silicone sleeve keeps my hands safe, and if I need to leave the house I screw on a wide mouth silicone drinking lid.

Use a different color for each family member, and stop wondering which beverage cup is yours!

Microwave safe means you can heat up your beverage without removing the sleeve. Or take out a frozen jar of food, put a koozie on it, and heat it up.

Since they don’t touch your beverage, I often just rinse them, but they are also dishwasher safe. You can leave them on the jar, but I find that water gets trapped so I prefer to separate them to clean the jar.

You could also use one to block sunlight or prying eyes from the contents of your jar.

Great for kids and adults!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
JL E (San Antonio, TX, US)
Some jars won't fit

I have at least 14 wide mouth pint jars that won't fit these sleeves. The brand is Kerr. They are shorter and 'fatter' in diameter than the more common Ball wide mouth pint jars. I believe that these jars are fairly old, probably manufactured sometime between the mid 1950s & the early 1970s. (I got a lot of my jars from thrift stores, yard sales & elderly ladies who gave up canning) Because they are shorter, the sleeves won't fit because lip below the threads is lower than the lip on the sleeve. See the photos that I included. I never noticed the difference until I bought the sleeves. I randomly grabbed a jar and it wouldn't fit. However... this is probably a good thing because I believe that I can actually fit 14 wide mouth pints in my small 20 and 21 quart pressure canners because they are shorter and can be double stacked. (Maybe) Anyway, this isn't a problem for me because I have lots of the Ball wide mouth pint jars. I felt that it should be noted that some of the older wide mouth pint jars definitely won't fit.

Rose King (Georgetown, TX, US)
Silicone Sleeve

I bought one yellow and one blue sleeve. I will be using them on my jars for drinks. The sleeves will help with condensation and to protect the glass. The two different colors will let me know which drink is mine and my husbands. Great purchase.

Joe buttrill (Round Lake, IL, US)

Great product!

shannan pfeiffer (Overland Park, KS, US)
16oz wide mouth sleeve

I love these. Purchased a sample from 2 sites and wentwith Mason Jar Lifestyle - They were just better. I plan to use them to make mason jar ice cream and give the jar/sleeve as a party favor. Can not wait

jk (Denver, CO, US)
Does not work with Pur jars.

I was really excited to try it but it was to large for the Pur brand jars.

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