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Silicone Sleeve for Wide Mouth Pint 16oz Mason Jars


We love to use glass jars instead of plastic cups, but there is always the worry that they will end up broken on the ground. Wide Mouth Pint jars are the most versatile, and most used at our house.

These silicone sleeves for Wide Mouth Pint (16oz) jars add grip and padding, and they also insulate your hand.

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Mix and match colors!

Wide mouth pint jars have straight sides and are 3″ internal diameter.

Whether you call it a Koozie, a Kozie, a Coozy, a Cozy, or just an insulating sleeve, it’s perfect for protecting your glass jar from breakage and your hand from cold or heat.

Made of 100% silicone rubber, these sleeves are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! Silicone is a safe, green, non-plastic (BPA free) material for food use that does not leach any chemicals.

These are designed for current production Ball jars – Kerr jars are quite tight.

I drink my coffee from a wide mouth pint jar every morning. My silicone sleeve keeps my hands safe, and if I need to leave the house I screw on a wide mouth silicone drinking lid.

Use a different color for each family member, and stop wondering which beverage cup is yours!

Microwave safe means you can heat up your beverage without removing the sleeve. Or take out a frozen jar of food, put a koozie on it, and heat it up.

Since they don’t touch your beverage, I often just rinse them, but they are also dishwasher safe. You can leave them on the jar, but I find that water gets trapped so I prefer to separate them to clean the jar.

You could also use one to block sunlight or prying eyes from the contents of your jar.

Great for kids and adults!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
A.B. (Wheaton, IL, US)

I ordered these on a Friday morning at 1 am while awake with my 3 month old. I received them Monday afternoon. I am obsessed with every product! They are super easy to clean and protect your glassware! Not to mention the colors are beautiful! Will definitely be purchasing more when more colors are available :)

Emily G. (Manchester, NH, US)
Love, love, love!

I love the silicone sleeves for Mason Jars! This is my second one, and they definitely assure me that the cold or hot beverage inside isn't going to go anywhere and everywhere when I set it down. Recommend!

Kelly D. (Saint Stephens, WY, US)
Great fit and quality

I was hesitant from some of the reviews - and if you're wondering too, just get it!
I did follow their recommendation to get the wide mouth lid for adult use, and it works perfectly. Love the bands, they go on smoothly, tighten down so that there is no leakage. The silicone is a nice change from hard plastic lids. And nice color choices!

Jasmine Antrim (Streamwood, IL, US)
Perfect Fit!

I absolutely love these silicone sleeves!!! I have various sizes, but the 16oz Wide Mouth silicone sleeves I feel are the most versatile. You can use them on your 16oz wide mouth mason jars, plus they fit on the 24oz wide mouth mason jars! They cover about half way up on the 24oz jars, which works great since I use that size as a water bottle. If you’re on the fence about buying, DO IT!!! They are amazing!

Joan Kohler (Pierre, SD, US)
Silicone sleeves are a MUST!

I love my sleeves! I take foods like oatmeal and soups to work and you can microwave them with the silicones on and not burn yourself when taking out. I make up 5 oatmeal’s (without water) for the week and they are an easy grab and go breakfast for work. I have pint and quart size sleeves.

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