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Long Spoon / Fork for Quart Mason Jars


A spoon on one end and a fork on the other! No need to carry both!

These pretty spiral stainless steel utensils are long enough for your quart and pint-and-a-half Mason jars.

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Some of the things to do with these


  • Stir your drink
  • Eat salad, soup, fruit, or whatever directly out of the jar
  • Scrape up that last bit of smoothie
  • Stab the fruit garnish at the bottom of your glass
  • Get an olive or pickle out of the jar without using your fingers
  • Call it a spork
  • Play bartender
  • Eat or stir anything!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
MARTHA Grandel (Winchester, VA, US)
Longspoon/ Fork

Love the length of the product

Eric Saxton (Saint Charles, IL, US)

Long Spoon / Fork for Quart Mason Jars

Leslie C Lew (Napa, CA, US)
It's a cocktail spoon with a fork

This item is not badly priced and is used in bartending. It is really too long for use in a pint mason jar, which is what I'd use for eating. but I'm sure it will come in handy. I've used a long spoon - not quite this long - with better results, but the fork might be nice.

Other reviewers love it, so not sure what is wrong with me LOL. It would be nice for digging into bigger jars for serving but it's not the best for eating.

Julie (Independence, OR, US)

Got 3 of the long spoons/fork for my friend for Christmas. She loves them and does so much canning and needed a long spoon to get to the bottom of the jars. She is so excited to have them. My mom saw them and wanted some too so I will need to order more. I am so excited I came across this site. I am excited to try more products.

Sandra Pietragalla (Fairhaven, MA, US)

Perfect! Absolutely perfect for the job. Not to mention attractive. I looked at other items for getting those last few pickles/olives/cocktail onions out of the jar but this was totally the winner.

mason-jar-lifestyle-long-twisted-spoon-forkLong Spoon / Fork for Quart Mason Jars