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Long Spoon / Fork for Quart Mason Jars


A spoon on one end and a fork on the other! No need to carry both!

These pretty spiral stainless steel utensils are long enough for your quart and pint-and-a-half Mason jars.

Some of the things to do with these


  • Stir your drink
  • Eat salad, soup, fruit, or whatever directly out of the jar
  • Scrape up that last bit of smoothie
  • Stab the fruit garnish at the bottom of your glass
  • Get an olive or pickle out of the jar without using your fingers
  • Call it a spork
  • Play bartender
  • Eat or stir anything!

Mason Jar Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Perfect for pickles and mayo

At last. A fork and spoon long enough to reach the bottom of the jar. Also good for those tall olive jars. If you don’t think you need one, you really do.

Long spoon and fork

Love the way I can get to the bottom without dumping the entire jar, genius, brilliant.


The spoon/fork is well made, regularly useful tool and almost impossible to find anywhere but at Mason Jar Lifestyle.

Excellent Quality

Quality product with very fast shipping. Thank you.


Haven’t used it yet! I will let folks know when I put it to use. But I give you 5 stars on all orders to date. I find your company very easy to work with and very efficient in packaging and shipping.

I can say that of the products I’ve received from them Mason Jar Lifestyle (and there’s been several) I have been very pleased. As I have stated in a few emails, I am not a person that does canning or makes jams from scratch etc. I am however, converting many of my plastic kitchen containers to mason jars for organization and for reusable solutions zero waste. I have added the sleeves to a few jars and recently ordered the 4 fruit lids lemon, strawberry, lime and watermelon to half pint jars for my granddaughters summer drink containers when visiting. I think she will love them. And because I don’t do canning I really love these single metal twist jar lids.

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