K Kristie Severn

Pre-Gaming and THE Big Game

Jan 12, 2017

It’s hard to believe we made it through the holiday season, and now the Super Bowl is just around the corner! Time flies. We are in hardcore tailgating season right about now. Here are some great ideas if you’re at home watching the game, or braving the weather and tailgating. That is the great thing about Mason Jars and Mason Jar accessories; they are versatile.

Here is a not so obvious item to use when you are tailgating. The Mason Jar Speaker or “Trash Amp”. This little speaker will knock your socks off! It is an easy set-up to your Smartphone, so you can access all your music or use any streaming service. The sound quality is great and you can get it to a pretty good Rocker status. The Mason Jar does come with it and there are three cord colors to choose from (red, purple, green, or orange).

And then you’ve got your standard tailgating fare. Even before I went Mason Jar CRAZY I would transport Mimosas (not a beer drinker) when I was going camping or tailgating in Mason Jars because I could pop the top on them stick them in the cooler and BOOM instant drink with way less “stuff” to pack. Mason Jar Lifestyle has some pretty fun barware. Here are your tailgating necessities.

Cocktail Shaker Lid – this lid does not leak or rust and it fits regular mouth Mason Jars. So basically you’re turning a Mason Jar in to a shaker! The possibilities are endless at this point. You can channel your inner Tom Cruise and shake drinks for everyone – game on, literally!

Long Spoon/Fork for Quart Mason Jars – We can’t all be James Bond. Some of us like our drinks stirred and not shaken (this girl), so for those awesome people you definitely need one of these in your drinking tool kit. This will definitely make you look legit!

Black Carrying Caddy with Wire Handle for Six Pint Mason Jars – So you’ve shaken and stirred your little heart out t the point Tom Cruise would be jealous. Now how do you carry all these awesome drinks…? The wire carrying caddy of course! I love this, and it is really cute too. Efficient and cute. Tailgating goals. Met.

Hopefully this gives you all a little inspiration for the next game day, and THE big game day coming up here in a few weeks. Check out our site for even more fun ideas for Game Day parties and beyond. Mason Jar Lifestyle is THE place for all your Mason Jar Accessories!

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