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Make any Mason jar lid leak proof and food safe!

Jul 9, 2015

In our house, we have all sorts of Mason jar lids (obviously!), including decorative lids, storage lids, straw hole lids, etc. The one common problem among all these Mason jar lids is that very few are leak-proof. I’ve often wanted to store a jar in my fridge on its side due to space constraints, but if there’s any liquid in the jar, I can’t! Another concern is that many of the fun decorative lids on the market aren’t food safe. This is fine if you want to use them strictly for decoration, but what if you want to keep candy or nuts, for example, in a jar with a fun lid (like this), but it doesn’t have a food safe liner?

We have a solution! Ryan recently designed these awesome regular mouth silicone sealing lid liners to deal with leaking and non-food safe lids. We’ve been testing them like crazy, and they work wonders!


Here are just a few uses we’ve come up with:

Make your straw lid totally leak proof! Want to transport your jar and straw lid without worrying about any leaking? Stick a lid liner inside until you’re ready to drink it!

Make any storage lid leak proof! For example, the handy white plastic lids sold by Ball aren’t leak proof, but these inserts fix that! Bring lunch to work in a Mason jar without worrying about any spillage in your brief case or back pack! Go ahead, stick that jar on its side in your fridge! It won’t leak!

Make a decorative lid food safe! We love mixed nuts in our home, and we always have a jar (or three) on our kitchen counter. Since these jars are always out and visible, we want them to look extra cute. We love being able to use our decorative storage lids, which, with a lid liner, are totally food safe!

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