K Kristie Severn

Coffee Makes Everything Better!

Jan 6, 2017

Well over here in Colorado, winter has made her presence known. I don’t know about all of you, but the only reason I don’t mind the snow is that it makes coffee taste and feel so much better!

Mason Jar Lifestyle has some amazing coffee accessories. I’m going to share some of my favorites with you in this blog post, and there will be a giveaway. Hopefully that grabbed your interest. I know I’m excited because it’s our first giveaway of 2017!

For those of you that follow our Instagram and this blo, you won’t be surprised to know I am a HUGE fan of our Faux Leather Cuffs (koozies). I was looking back on our Instagram and it became very clear I’m bias toward this item. I covet it…just see! I pretty much never leave home without it.


Our Silicone Drinking Lids are great as well. Believe when I say you do need one when you’re driving. Trust me on this. With all the colors we have I had to get one of each, all to match my many moods and outfits.

Besides my two favorite items, if you don’t want to go the Faux Leather route, we have some great Silicone Koozies that you can mix and match with the drinking lids. These are fast becoming my new favorites because I love to mix and match for that fun and funky look!

If you’re not feeling the hot coffee route because, let’s face it we don’t all live where the seasons change, we’ve got some great new Cold Brew Coffee or tea mesh filters!

So now for the giveaway deets. Give us a follow on Instagram and leave a comment on this blog about what your favorite Mason Jar Lifestyle product. We will then randomly select a winner, and that person will get….you guessed it my favorite a Faux Leather Coffee Cuff!! Woo hoo! We would love to see your pics with your favorite Mason Jar Lifestyle product, and no it doesn’t have to involve coffee! Post on Instagram and use #masonjarlfestyle.

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