Winter Tablescapes and Mantles

Unwrap the beauty of the holidays with your jars!

It's the most wonderful time of the year when we pull out all the glitter, lights, candles, bows, and greener to deck our halls... and tables... and mantels... and, of course, Mason jars!

So grab your favorite jars from little 4oz quilted jelly jars to the big ol' 64oz half gallon and  let's make them the star of your holiday display! We carry a wide array of decorative lids, adorable inserts, and attractive (yet useful) Mason jar accessories!

Below we've put together for you a collection of our favorite seasonal decor items to help make the season even more stylish (and simple!) for you!


Our one of a kind, hand cut, open bottom Mason jars are perfect for updating your pendant or vanity lighting, but did you know they're great for decor too?!

These unique jars are hands down one of the best ways to display seasonal decorations as well as treasured items. Pair it with one of our decorative lids and you've got a stylish table or mantle that can be updated with every season.


Mason jars are also perfect for packaging up consumable and other gifts and then the jar and accessory enable the gift to  keep on being useful after the contents are gone.



Need ideas on great consumable gifts? We have a blog post about making homemade cookie mix and gifted in a Mason jars that's sure to be a hit! Looking for something that's not sweets?! Try our homemade spa day recipes for bath bombs, sugar scrub and more!

However you use your Mason jars this winter - we've got the accessories for you!

So grab a Ball, 'cause we got it all!

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