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Water With a Twist!

Jul 27, 2017

It’s hot – everywhere right now! So, to help everyone cool off and hydrate, I thought I’d find some yummy flavored water recipes to share this week. These waters can be used for hydrating purposes, or as a detox from all the summer treats you’ve eaten. You can also use them to help aid weight loss or get glowing skin.

No matter the reason you drink these waters, we all know the most important thing they do is hydrate. During these very hot summer months when we are outside lounging or exercising, we are sweating, which causes us to lose water. What better way to put back some of that water, but with some of these yummy fruit/veggie/herb infused water recipes. All of these recipes work great with our fabulous Mason jar infuser lids!

Take it up a notch with this watermelon and jalapeno infused water. You can find the full recipe here. Reader’s Digest is actually a great resource for fun and easy healthy eating and lifestyle habits. There are plenty of other Infused Water recipes there as well!

Benefit: the capsaicin in the jalapeno has been shown to help provide pain relief and aid in weight loss. Check out Dr. Axe’s website for full benefits.

Nourish and hydrate your skin with cucumber herb water. You can find the recipe here on the blog A Couple Cooks, along with some other great infused water combinations.

Benefit: Cucumber is ultra-hydrating! Rosemary is a great anti-inflammatory, check out full benefits for rosemary here.

Mocktail anyone? Try this blueberry/mint/lemon water that I found on Chelsweets blog.

Benefit: Blueberries are full of cancer fighting antioxidants. Mint is great for digestion. Check out the full benefits for mint here.

And for fruit infusing Mason Jar lids visit Mason Jar Lifestyle’s website. Because of course Mason Jars and infused water go together like peas and carrots! I don’t recommend that as an infused water though!

Not only will you be saving money buying infused waters, but you will be reducing waste and reducing plastic use. Bonus….and being that it’s still plastic free July, double bonus!!

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