R Ryan Helseth

Small Business, Big Heart

Nov 30, 2019


Happy Small Business Saturday!

Mason Jar Lifestyle is a small, independent e-commerce business, established in 2015 by husband and wife team, Maggie and Ryan.

Fast forward to 2019. We now have eight amazing employees, two of whom have been with us from almost the beginning. We range in age from 20-somethings to 70. We come from all walks of life. Among us, we have 12 kids and two grandkids (who are often at the warehouse with us). We have dogs and cats and chickens and turtles and hermit crabs and fish (who don’t join us at the warehouse). We have biology degrees, psychology degrees, English degrees, high school degrees, computer science degrees, business degrees, and music degrees, but, more than that, we each bring our own unique experience that goes beyond any earned degree.

Each handwritten note on your order invoice comes from someone who truly cares about this business and wants you to be happy with your order. So, today, as you’re considering your purchases, don’t forget about the small businesses. Each one of you matters to us.

Take 30% off sitewide through Monday with code: BF2019

P.S. We place a high value on giving back to local communities, far and wide. If your area non-profit is looking for support, click here.

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