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New Items Available

Mar 2, 2018

Good news, everyone! We’ve got some new stuff up on the website. (We hope you’re as excited by that as we are!) Some of the items are variations on familiar favorites, and some are completely new products. Here’s a quick look at all the goodies we added…

“Measured With Love” Measuring Cup Set

We are absolutely in love with these measuring cups. Stacked together, they resemble a beautiful pale blue jar, but the segments pull apart into 4 pieces for 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup measurements. It’s a really attractive set you’ll be happy to have out on the counter, which means your measuring cups will always be at hand when you need them!

Mason Jar Lifestyle Reusable Straw Bag

In addition to our regular straw sleeves made from reclaimed denim, we now have straw pouches with a cinch top, perfect for keeping your straws organized in a drawer and for having them clean and ready-to-go if you stick them in a purse or backpack. The outside is stamped with the Mason Jar Lifestyle logo.

New Styles/Sizes of Frog Lids

Frog lids are so useful and versatile, aren’t they? We wanted to add a few colors and sizes to give you more decorating options. They are now available in shiny copper or your choice of three different antique finishes–rust brown, oil-rubbed bronze, or galvanized metal.

The rust brown, galvanzied metal, and copper lids are available in both regular and wide mouth sizes, so those of you with wide mouth jars who’ve been waiting on frogs lids can finally get to decorating!

New Decorative Lid Styles

We added 5 new finishes for the canister lids with handles; check out all the different styles that are now available here. Additionally, the flat-top decorative lids now come in 4-packs of shiny copper or antique pewter, whitewash, or barn roof zinc finish options.

We’re always amazed by the cool ways people find to decorate or organize using our products, so if you’ve got some photos of yours in action, send them our way. We’d love to see ’em! Also, let us know what you think of the new items and if there was anything else you were hoping to see on the list but didn’t. Our customers always have such great ideas for us, and we appreciate your input!

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