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Mason Jar Gardening: Diatomaceous Earth

Jul 5, 2015

Today’s post comes from my mom, Rita. She posted this to her Facebook page yesterday, and I thought it might make a helpful blog post for all you gardeners out there, so here it is! (Thanks, mom!)


An everyday miracle: The sun, the rain, a seed, and some earth will make a nice lunch for you! This garden has had no human care since early April, when I put a few seeds in the ground. Before the planters, this area was mulched with wood chips, which is probably why, upon closer inspection, I noticed an abundance of Roly Poly bugs. According to the internet, the lowly Roly Poly is a gill-breathing crustacean … a humble (very humble) cousin to the tastey lobster. Since the early-bearing plants , such as spinach and snow peas, are ready to pick and eat, I wanted to stay with organic solutions. Also according to the internet, diatomaceous earth, a fine powder made from tiny fossilized algae-like plants, serves as a repellant. Who would have guessed? Ryan had some! So, he gave me a jarful along with a daisy lid (usually to put a straw into for a cute drink container) and I sprinkled it around my plants. Mason Jar Lifestyle, indeed!

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