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Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee & Giveaway!

Nov 10, 2016

Since the weather outside is still so beautifully warm, and we got some fun new products here at Mason Jar Lifestyle to try, I thought it was the perfect time to write a blog on Mason jar cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is great because it is less acidic and bitter than hot brewed coffee. I also need to clarify something – iced coffee is not cold brew coffee. Iced coffee is just strongly brewed hot coffee that is poured over ice. Totally different taste profiles.

So, if you don’t like coffee or iced coffee because of the bitter taste, give cold brew a try and then make your final decision. Mason jar cold brew coffee is not as bitter as hot coffee tends to be, and the cold brewing decreases the acidity and brings out the sweetness. Add your favorite creamer and flavored sweetener and -boom!- heaven in a jar!

I’m sure you’ve all seen more and more cold brew coffee options in the refrigerator case at your local grocers, but they are all pretty high in price. Making your own will absolutely save you money, and who doesn’t like to do that?? I am going to link a recipe in this blog post and show you the fun new product we just got here at Mason Jar Lifestyle. One lucky reader/Mason Jar Lifestyle customer will win a set of these new items.

These are Mason Jar Lifestyle’s newest items to help make your cold brew coffee dreams come true. The Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee filters! They make the whole cold brew making process a snap! And here are the instructions for the GIVEAWAY! (To officially enter, please open the raffelcopter that follows this post)
1. Leave a comment on this blog and let us know if you have ever tried cold brew coffee and if you will be trying out this recipe.
2. Go to our Mason Jar Lifestyle Facebook page and like us, if you have not already.
3. And last but not least. Go to Mason Jar Lifestyle Instagram page, and start following us!
4. We will then pick a winner and announce that “hipster to be” on 11/23/16!


And as promised, so you can live out your hipster dreams, here is the Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Recipe. All you’ll need is your trusty quart Mason jar and some items you probably already have on hand around your kitchen…..Or just go to our site for our new mesh Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee filters on the Mason Jar Lifestyle website!

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