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Happy Graduation from Mason Jar Lifestyle!

May 24, 2017

Graduations are in full swing, and we here at Mason Jar Lifestyle would like to raise a Mason jar to all of the graduates! Graduations are a time of celebration and reflection on all the hard work it took to get to this joyous moment. You made it! Here is a great Mason jar craft to make to give away as gifts, or use as centerpieces for your tablescapes.

I found this great craft on Jamie Lane’s blog, and you can find the full post here. So cute and so fun to create!

3D Mason Jar Graduation Hat
This 3D Graduation Hat fits a Pint Size Mason Jar or any item with less than a 3″ diameter. The file comes with the pieces to create the hat as well as the tassel. All the pieces are compatible with both the 8×12 and 12×12 mats. You can fill your jars with money for gifts or fill with candy and use these as centerpieces for your tables!
1. Cut out the hat pieces. Fold the tabs on the score line.
2. Place glue on the side tab and adhere to the other side.
3. Place adhesive on the edge of one of the circles.
4. Place the tabs down toward your table and then place the circle, adhesive side down, on the tabs.
5. Turn the piece over and place adhesive all over the back side.
6. Adhere the last circle in place to cover all the tabs.
7. Place adhesive on top of the circle.
8. Adhere the square in the center. Place a small foam adhesive on the little circle.
9. Cut out the tassel strips in your school colors.
10. Fold the strips in half and tie a piece of twine around the folded end as shown.
11. Adhere the small circle in the center of the square and loop the tassel around, curving the ends.

This craft is a great way to incorporate your favorite thing (a Mason Jar) into the festivities! Make sure to tag us when you make these little beauties for your Grad on Instagram or Facebook. And to your family from ours CONGRATULATIONS!!!

One of our founders Maggie with her cousin, who is now in her third year at the University of Utah!

“Oh the places you will go. Today is your day! Your Mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

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