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Get To Know Our Small Business Better

Apr 29, 2022

Mason Jar Lifestyle is a family run small business located in Denver Colorado USA

Hey there, Mason jar fans!

We love sharing with you our love of all things Mason jar and so we created this awesome video to show you just how much one jar can do! We used (primarily) a regular mouth, pint jar with all of these lids and accessories to emphasize this point, but as you probably already know you can find regular mouth, Mason jars in sizes ranging from a 4oz jelly jar to a 32oz quart! And all the same accessories will fit on each one. Many of our accessories come in wide mouth as well which range in size from an 8oz half pint to a 64oz half gallon Mason jar.

So when you’re looking at that beautiful jar in your cupboard just think about how it can be a tealight holder, travel coffee mug, clutter container, or flower vase – just depending on the day and the accessories you have on hand.

And since we’re a small, family run, Colorado-based business, we wanted to let you get to know us a bit better! This video lets you get to know some of the MJL team along with the Helseth kiddos! Be sure you watch all the way to the end – Avin just cracks me up!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little more! We’d love to get to know you more too 🙂 Say “Hello!” and join the conversations going on right now on our Facebook business page, Mason Jar Lifestyle, or Facebook group, Living The Mason Jar Lifestyle! We are also on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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