K Kristie Severn

Detoxing Your July

Jul 20, 2017

We are half way through July. How is everyone doing with their plastic free goals? Hopefully you found some great alternatives and suggestions on the Plastic Free July website. I thought it was a great resource and definitely wanted to share it with you all. As July continues to speed by, I realized I have been doing great on my plastic free goals, but not so great on the healthy eating goals. I’ve been utilizing convenient eating way too often.

With the higher temps and busy summer schedule it is easy to grab a quick bite at a drive through, or a sit down restaurant. I try and make healthy choices there, but it’s always better to cook your own food. I decided for the next few weeks I was going to do a gentle whole food detox. I’m doing this to help get me back on track with my healthy eating as I’m starting to feel a little sluggish and tired from more than just those 90+ degree days!

A couple of my strategies when doing a detox like this is food prep! That is really the best advice for any dietary change. Food prep. Food prep. Food prep! Also, making a big salad for the whole week that I can bring for lunch, and have a small serving of before lunch. I go and pick out all my favorite produce and through it all together with a few of my favorite greens.

If you are looking for a good detox salad recipe check out this one from Mind Body Green. Feel free to swap at anything or use it for inspiration for your own creation. I also make sure that I make my own dressings. Store bought dressings are either full of chemicals, or the better quality ones are way too expensive. For a few bucks in ingredients you can make an amazing healthy dressing.

Last week we posted some really great basic salad dressings that you can of course make in a Mason Jar! My favorite is the basic Balsamic Vinegar dressing. It’s simple and does not mask the flavor of the veggies. I am looking forward to trying the ranch dressing. My daughters eat ranch on pretty much everything, and making this favorite will be much cheaper than buying the natural one I found for them! I love being able to dump all the ingredients in a Mason Jar, shake it up, and voila! yummy, healthy salad dressing!

Here are the Mason Jar salad dressing recipes courtesy of Buzzfeed. Let us know which one was your favorite, and some of your tips and tricks for whole food detoxes.

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