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Bringing in Spring with MJL

Mar 13, 2018

Even though those winter storms keep on rolling past, we’re starting to see more and more grass showing through in between bursts of snow. Maybe it’s a tad early to start planning for outdoor parties, but we just can’t help ourselves. A warm, sunny day could sneak up on us, right? Maybe? …Please? (Hope springs eternal!)

We have a number of items available that will give a lovely ambiance to your next outdoor soirée. One of our newer products, which we’re really excited about, is this Mason jar string light set. These would look so great along a window or around the edge of a porch, don’t you think? I keep picturing all the colorful shapes and shadows they would cast on the ground after the sun goes down.

Since there’s not always an outlet nearby, you could also consider the option of candles to give your outdoor gatherings a nice glow. We carry several different styles of tea light holders, so you can pick the perfect one to blend with your decor, or you can mix and match if you’ve got a more eclectic style. If you’re not big on the idea of actual candles, you can try some LED tealights to get the same look without having to worry about keeping the flames lit on a breezy evening.

If candles aren’t your thing, we also have multiple styles of solar lights. Leave them out during the day to charge up in the sunlight, and once it gets dark enough, they’ll start coming on automatically. We just added some new styles and sizes, so you can use single bulb or strand lights, or even flickering multi-color ones, depending on the vibe of the party.

One of the toughest things about keeping guests comfortable outside can be keeping the bugs away. Our antiqued oil lamp / tiki torch lid can convert your jars into citronella lamps. You just add some citronella oil, screw on the lid, and light the wick. Set them up in areas where people are congregating, and away go those annoying mosquitoes.

Since your guests won’t be busy swatting away bugs, they’ll have their hands free for drinks. You can serve them in style with one of our stylish jar caddies. They’ll help you carry out up to 6 at a time as you’re making the rounds serving up lemonade, iced tea, or your signature cocktails. The faster you get people served, the more time you have to spend with your friends enjoying the evening!

Okay, maybe that’s enough daydreaming about parties for today. If there’s anything special you’re looking forward to when spring hits (especially if it involves your jars!) let us know in the comment section.

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