K Kristie Severn

Back to the Future as Told by Mama Mason Jar

Apr 1, 2017

When I was a kid, my father hired my cousin to help on the farm. For several summers in the 1970’s, Grandma brought Steve from the city to our farm as soon as school let out.

Our go-to beverage back then was Kool Aid. After a long, hot day on the tractor, Steve could not get enough. Mom started placing a quart Mason Jar by his dinner plate.

She, by necessity, was a woman ahead of her time.

Since then, I have seen hip restaurants serving beverages in Mason Jars. My coworker told me that he asked his wife to get rid of their glasses and replace them with Mason Jars for their large family. I see everything from lemonade to cocktails served in various sizes and shapes of these versatile jars. I drink tea from mine.

If one Mason Jar should break, the set won’t be broken. The age-old and proven style is not likely to be changed so it’s easy to replace a few. The colorful lids and straws offered by Mason Jar Lifestyle reduce spills and help kids tell their glasses apart. The Koozies and Faux Leather handles make it possible to have a coffee or tea while the kids drink their milk and lemonade. The Cold Brew Coffee and Tea infuser allows you to make your coffee or tea right in your jar, in fact.

Buy your Mason Jars local or online local. Make them fun and useful with products from Mason Jar Lifestyle. Summer is coming!

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