K Kristie Severn

Air Plant in a Mason Jar

Jun 2, 2017

Yesterday on Tuesday always has such great inspiration and crafts, and these Air Plant Mason Jars are just one of my favorites! It inspired me to share with all of you some amazing Mason Jar Air Plants and Terrarium ideas. With summer on the horizon, this is a great outdoor project to do with your kids because, let’s face it, it’s sometimes hard to compete with endless TV options and video games. These are great crafts to inspire creativity and spark your child’s love for the outdoors and nature!

Yesterday on Tuesday’s Air Plant Mason Jar is a super cute way to help foster creativity and whimsy with your child. These are very easy to put together, and with the popularity of fairy gardens there are a lot of fun fairies and gnomes to choose from! Find the full directions and printable tags here.

The Mason Jar Terrarium is great because you can either buy the supplies or have your kids go and hunt for them! I found a quick and easy DIY Mason Jar Terrarium on Blue Bonnet Press. Instructions are here. Succulents are super hot right now, so you can find the real deal or fake us all out with the plastic versions.

Now go outside and get dirty! And don’t forget to check out Mason Jar Lifestyle for all of your Mason Jar accessories and decor.

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