R Ryan Helseth

A Jar Named Mason

Apr 19, 2015

Over the past several months, our family has embraced what can only be called The Mason Jar Lifestyle. Slowly and steadily, Mason jars have been filling our cabinets, and my husband and I think of a new use for these little gems on almost a daily basis. As I type, my husband is putting pecans (that we store in Mason jars) on cookies, made with home-ground whole wheat flour (that we store in Mason jars).

After searching for various pieces and parts for our jars, from straws to fermentation kits, we found a serious lack of affordable product all in one place. As we thought about business ideas that would incorporate our interests and desire to work from home so that we can spend more time with our three young children (all under four!), we concluded that providing an online community for fellow Mason-lovers was really a no-brainer. Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be adding products and Mason jar accessories while providing you with awesome ideas for using that ubiquitous canning jar. Here, you’ll find crafts, recipes, and so much more. We intend to provide you with more info and mason jar accessories than you could dream of, so check back often for a glimpse into the lives of our Mason-obsessed family! We can’t wait to form a community with you; invite your friends–the more, the merrier!

And as for those cookies I said my husband was making? Here’s a little gift pack I did up for the neighbors:IMG_6455

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