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Silicone Sleeve for Quart 32oz Mason Jars


These silicone sleeves for Quart (32oz) Mason jars add grip and padding, and they also insulate. These fit both regular and wide mouth jars. We have tested current production Ball and Kerr jars, but they can’t fit all vintage jars.

I often use a quart jar for drinking water, but they can be a little unwieldy. The grippy silicone wrapper makes it feel much more secure in my hand.

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Mix and match colors!

Whether you call it a Koozie, a Kozie, a Coozy, a Cozy, or just an insulating sleeve, it’s perfect for protecting your glass jar from breakage and your hand from cold or heat.

FDA food grade silicone rubber is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! Silicone is a safe, extremely durable, non-plastic (BPA free) material for food use that does not leach any chemicals.

I always have a quart of water sitting on the corner of our kitchen counter or my computer desk. The silicone sleeve adds grip, looks great, and I love the feel of it in my hand. A big jar means I don’t have to fill it as often, so I drink more water.

We designed the sleeve to fit tight enough that it won’t fall off, but loose enough that it is still easy to get on and off. Different brands and mouth sizes of jars will vary a little in size, but it should stretch to fit almost any of them.

Use a different color for each family member, and stop wondering which beverage cup is yours!

Microwave safe means you can heat up your beverage without removing the sleeve. Or take out a frozen jar of food, put a koozie on it, and heat it up.

Since they don’t touch your beverage, I often just rinse them, but they are also dishwasher safe. You can leave them on the jar, but I find that water gets trapped so I prefer to separate them to clean the jar.

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Mason Jar Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Katie R. (Billings, MT, US)

I’ve used mason jars as glasses forever. They’re pretty tough and can handle lots of abuse, but, of course, still break if dropped. I started small, two silicone sleeves for quart jars and some silicone straw tips for my metal straws, but this site has so many useful covers, sleeves, tops and everything that I plan to add to my mason jar accessory collection!

I knocked my quart jar off of my son’s high chair today and cringed!! It bounced in the purple sleeve and stayed intact. I was so happy! If you wanted somewhere to make your mason jar use even more practical, you’ve found it.

Joan Ellis (Albuquerque, NM, US)
Love the Silicone.

I have made quilted cozies for mason jars in the past. They are fun, but not as cool as a matching lid and sleeve. Insulate and protect? Yes please!

Susan Andrews (Aurora, CO, US)

Great fit, and removes easily. Really love this sleeve for the 32 oz jar. That combined w the handled cap makes for fabulous safe pouring and storage. Nice grip too. You know how glass jars can feel slippery? No so with the sleeve!

Jasmine Antrim (Elgin, IL, US)
Perfect fit!!!

I love this company!!! Ok, now back to the review! I love the 32oz (Quart) Silicone Sleeve for Mason Jars because they are easy to get on and off, they give me excellent grip, and insulate my drinks—hot or cold. (side note: I apologize if you see a duplicate review for this product from me, as my email glitched and I had to re-submit a new review)

Carol Cope

I love the silicone sleeves. I use quart jars for milk etc as I have arthritis and can’t pick up heavy bottles and containers and the sleeves keep the jars from sweating.

mason-jar-lifestyle-silicone-sleeve-jacket-quart-32oz-mason-jars-5-colors-lids-strawsSilicone Sleeve for Quart 32oz Mason Jars