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Plastic Soap Pump Lid Insert for Regular Mouth Mason Jars


The lid insert and pump are one piece, so they cannot fall apart like many other soap pumps. Comes in 3 cute colors to match your decor.

Tube is long enough for a pint jar, but will not reach the bottom of a quart jar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
H.H. (Madison Heights, VA, US)
Love these soap pumps!

I am so glad I got two of these! I always hated having to buy liquid soap in plastic containers; now I can use my own bar soap and when it get too small to handle, I can just pop it into a jar with some water and voila! Liquid soap like Grandma used to use!


Monica Guza (Capac, MI, US)
No leakes! No rusty ring!

Works works works - I'd love a larger option to fit on a 1 quart jar with a longer spout to pump soap all over sponge

Pat Reynolds (Dickson, TN, US)
Insert did not snap in.

I would like this product more if it fit the ring better. Unfortunately, a canning ring will not fit around it (even when heated as instructed) so it's screwed on the jar crooked since the plastic pump won't seat in the lid.

Deborah Nagel (Fort Mill, SC, US)
Lid Rusted and Pitted Almost Immediately

Don't buy! Don't waste your money! The lid (ring) is not of rustproof stainless steel quality! Rusted and pitted almost immediately. The plastic soap pump is adorable but the ring ruins it almost immediately after average use. I own their stainless steel pumps also and those rings are still in perfect condition after almost a year and they get used even more on a daily basis. Going to order more of their stainless steel pumps instead. Spend the little extra money. You won't regret it!

Loralea (Locust Dale, VA, US)
works like a charm

I really needed a plastic pump since I did not have any luck with the metal pumps.
This fit in a canning jar ring perfectly and works great !

Jarware white plastic soap pump for regular mouth Mason jarsPlastic Soap Pump Lid Insert for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
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