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Tempered Glass Fermentation Weights for Fermenting in Wide Mouth Mason Jars


These heavy, tempered glass weights perfectly fit into a wide mouth Mason jar to hold your fermenting vegetables under the brine and press out any air pockets, leaving a tiny space around the edges to let out fermentation gasses.

Glass weights that are not tempered often crack in half during fermentation.

We decided these weights chipped too easily at the sharp polished edge, so we are now hand sanding each weight before sending them out. This is extremely time consuming and expensive, but we didn’t want to risk glass chips ending up in your ferments!

The highest quality fermentation weights you can buy anywhere!

Fermentation weights cannot be shipped internationally – they are too heavy and expensive to ship.

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These weights were designed to be the very best on the market for fermenting in wide mouth Mason jars. They are 68.5mm (2.7 inches) in diameter and 18.5mm (.73 inches) thick. They weigh 6 ounces each (170 grams).

The weights are cut from sheets of high quality tempered soda-lime glass, the same material Mason jars themselves are made of. Most competing discs are not tempered, which is much cheaper to produce but less safe. Air bubbles and other imperfections in lower quality glass can cause it to crack or break.

If you fill your jars up to the neck, one weight will perfectly cover your ferment. You can use more than one weight if the jar isn’t completely full or if you want to displace more brine to bring the level up to the neck of the jar. With more active ferments, you might not want to fill the jar into the neck to avoid overflowing brine. Then you will probably want to use two weights.

Glass does not leach anything into your food.

Dishwasher safe, boiling water safe, oven safe, microwave safe. Avoid sudden temperature changes.


Single Weight, Six Pack of Old Style Weights, Six Pack of Sanded Weights, Six Pack of Unsanded Weights


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love my fermentation weights
Just what I needed.
How do I say this?
The weights are hand sanded - we try to make them as smooth as possible but small chips at the sanded edges are common. This does not affect how they work. If your weights are broken or have large chips, please send us an email and we will send replacements or issue a refund.
Glass Fermentation weights

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