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Satin / Brushed Finish Soap Pump Dispensers for Mason Jars

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Our Beautiful Satin / Brushed Rust Proof Soap Dispenser Pumps Complement any Bathroom or Kitchen!

Dispense hand soap, dish soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, or liquid hair care products.

Add a rust proof natural stainless steel lid, or customize with our other colors and styles of soap lids!

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The pumps come with the plastic collar that attaches them to one of our soap pump adapter lids and a 4 1/2″ tube (6 1/2″ protrusion into the jar including the part of the pump that sticks into the jar), which is the right length for a quart jar. For a pint jar, cut the tube to fit with a scissors. If you are using a half gallon jar or using the pump with a taller container, we also have 6 3/4″ tubes (8 3/4″ with the pump). Just leave us a note at checkout or send an email and we will send the longer tube instead.

Be sure to cut the tube short enough that it does not touch the bottom of your jar. If the tube is touching the bottom, the plastic collar will work its way off the bottom much more quickly. You can use a drop of super glue between the plastic collar and pump if you find the collar comes loose too often.

They are made of stainless steel and plastic. The satin finish looks like a natural or brushed stainless steel. The threading is 28/400.

We carry 32 different colors and styles of soap pumps for Mason jars, so you are sure to find the perfect one!

Then choose the perfect lid to complement your choice!

In addition to Mason jars, these soap pumps will fit on any standard 1″ threaded bottle, or in any hole that is 27mm or about 1 1/8″. Many liquor and beverage bottles can be upcycled as soap pumps! A few that work are Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, and Jägermeister.

If the lid from a 2 liter bottle of Coke will screw onto your dispenser, then so will these pumps.

Choose Style

#1 Satin, #2 Satin, #3 Satin, #4 Satin, #5 Satin, #6 Satin, #7 Satin

Choose Lid

Pump Only – No Lid, Regular Mouth SS Soap Lid, Wide Mouth SS Soap Lid, Wide Mouth Threaded Charcoal Black Lid, Wide Mouth Threaded Galvanized Lid, Wide Mouth Threaded Matte SS Lid


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Customer Reviews

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Satin / Brushed Finish Soap Pump Dispensers for Mason Jars

Works great

I’m using this pump/lid on a Bernardin jar for my dish soap at my kitchen sink. It works/looks great and was super east to assemble!


We liked this product. The item came extremely fast. I would order from this company again.


Satin / Brushed Finish Soap Pump Dispensers for Mason Jars


It works great and is really pretty in our kitchen. I also ordered the small mouth octagonal mason jar. It is also beautiful. It would be perfect in a bathroom too.

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