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2-in-1 Lid to Connect Two Regular Mouth Mason Jars


This double-sided lid is a genius way to bring food and beverages on-the-go! It keeps both jars securely connected together so they won’t clink together in your bag.

Fits any size Regular Mouth Mason jars, which are 2 3/8″ internal diameter.

Leak-proof with included silicone seals. Upgrade to full silicone liners so your food doesn’t touch the BPA-free plastic.

One lid and two silicone seals per order. Jars not included.

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Connect any 2 regular mouth Mason jars – mix and match any sizes. Widely available in 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 32oz. Think carefully when you open it so you don’t unscrew the jar that is upside down 🙂

The possibilities are endless:
Quart of salad + 4oz dressing.
Quart of water + 4oz of mixed nuts.
Pint jar half full of yogurt + 4oz or 8oz of granola.
Half pint of carrot sticks + 4oz ranch or hummus.
Quart of soup + whatever toppings you like – croutons, cheese, nuts, scallions, herbs.
Half pint of goldfish crackers + 4oz of raisins.
Half pint of crackers + half pint of juice.

Made of polypropylene, which is a BPA free plastic. Included silicone seals are FDA food grade, or upgrade with 2 full liners that cover the entire inner surface (they don’t fit perfectly, but well enough to be leak proof).


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With 2 Silicone Lid Liners, With 2 Silicone Sealing Rings

Customer Reviews

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Novel idea

I'm using this with 2 pint jars in my lunch box. Keeps things fresh, uncrushed, no plastic contaminates, & looks sooo cute.


This is a cute and handy lid. I would buy them again. All of the products I purchased are excellent.


2-in-1 Lid to Connect Two Regular Mouth Mason Jars