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Mason Jar Water Bottles: For Any Activity

Feb 17, 2022

Mason Jar Water Bottles for Any Activity home work office gym car commute on the go traveling kids and adults

Hey there, Mason jar fans!

Wondering if you can safely use a Mason jar as a water bottle? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! But we don’t just give short answers here at Mason Jar Lifestyle, so your much longer answer is yes, and various team members are here to show you exactly how!

mason jar water bottles for any activity going to the gym working out drink water

Want to take a Mason jar water bottle to your work out? Maggie, here! I’m one of the owners at Mason Jar Lifestyle, and I love to get my heart rate up. Whether you love a sweaty cycling class (cycling and dance aerobics are my favorite), or a brisk walk is more your speed, I think the best Mason jar water bottle setup for more intense or outdoor activities is the pint and a half jar with sleeve and a pour and store lid on top.

Here’s why I think this is the perfect setup:

1) The pint and a half jar fits in most fitness equipment cupholders (eg. treadmills, stationary bikes, etc.).

2) The sleeve keeps the jar break resistant while also maintaining the refreshingly cold water temperature.

3) The pour and store lid has an easy to use pop top, so I’m not fumbling and taking forever to grab a drink. And once it’s shut, the jar is totally leak-proof. It also has a carrying loop for easy portability.

Another personal reason I love this setup is because I tend to lose my other water bottles and lids, but I always have a cabinet filled with Mason jars, as well as drawers full of Mason jar lids and sleeves. And when I’m not using my jars as water bottles, I can use them as water glasses at dinnertime, as leftover containers, as vases, as snack containers, etc. etc. etc. The multifunctionality of Mason jars never ceases to amaze me – even after owning Mason Jar Lifestyle for nearly seven years, I’m always finding new ways to use my jars!


mason-jar-lifestyle-mason-jar-water-bottles-for-any-activity-on-the-go-car-commute-travel-work-cup-holder-divider spill proof clean neat safe for kids and adults

Want to take a Mason jar water bottle on the go? Mary N. is the busiest working mom around, and here’s what she takes from work, to errands, to chauffeuring her kids to all their activities, while she strives to stay healthy and hydrated:

“I’m going to go against the grain with my recommendation for a Mason jar water bottle because in the winter I’m always cold. Like seriously. Always. Cold. More than a decade ago, I worked at a county job and our receptionist had to sit at a door drafty desk. One of her coping mechanisms was drinking plain, warm water. I thought that sounded totally crazy until one day – I tried it and my life has been changed!

Before you say it, yes I know I can make hot water and then add things like tea bags or coffee beans. Trust me, I do. I’m a black coffee all morning kinda girl and I make a tasty Earl Grey and lemon latte. But when I’m cold (which is all winter long) and trying to get some good old fashioned water in, then warm water is my “go to” drink.

In 2017 I made a very modest investment in an electric kettle that offered variable temperatures because some teas and coffees taste better with lower than boiling water. This is also when I discovered that water heated to 158°F is my ideal winter hydration helper!


To fully enjoy my warm water and get it ready to travel, I use a regular mouth, pint Mason jar with a silicone sleeve. The sleeve keeps the jar insulated while still warming up nicely so I can hold it in my hands and be cozy. I love our new gray plastic handle lid for “on the go” because it’s so easy to carry (why are my hands always full when I’m going to the car?!!), spill proof, feels great and sturdy in my hand, and makes it easy for me to unscrew the lid and sip as desired. If you haven’t tried warm-ish water, give it a go and let me know what you think!

For my on the go, cold water drinking option I LOVE our stainless steel lid with grommet (so it won’t spill on me when I’m juggling stuff out to the car) and a long, thin bent straw with a silicone sleeve on my pint and a half Mason jar. I can easily pop the straw in to drink in the car or save it for my destination. For my car’s cup holders, I can fit anything up to the pint and a half (with a silicone sleeve), but check your car out and see what works!”



Want to use a Mason jar water bottle at the office/at your desk? You won’t catch our busy team member Mary H. without her handy dandy Mason jar setup at her desk. Here’s what she uses and why:



“I use a wide mouth pint jar with sleeve and silicone drinking lid. I love it for drinking water, because glass doesn’t leach out chemicals or give the water a strange taste like some plastic water bottles do. Also, the sleeve acts to insulate the jar as well as making it easier to carry and grip with your hand. The best part is that you can also use it for hot drinks, unlike a lot of water bottles on the market.” (Mary loves her coffee!)


Our co-owner, Ryan, also keeps a Mason jar water bottle at his desk at all times. Here’s what he uses to stay hydrated throughout the day, and his jar is so big, there’s minimal need to grab refills:

“I always keep a quart jar full of water nearby. I carry it around from room to room throughout the day, and I always know which jar is mine due to the gray silicone sleeve (which also feels great in my hand). A quart jar is big enough that I don’t need to refill it very often, which saves time making trips to the kitchen and ensures I stay well hydrated. Sometimes I drink straight from the jar, and sometimes I use a glass straw with a lid.”


Which one is right for you? Mason Jar Lifestyle makes it easy to turn your jar into a handy dandy water bottle. With so many options, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your needs. Mason jars are an eco-friendly, safe, cute, and affordable way to stay hydrated, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!

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