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A Little Bit of Mason Jar History

Mar 8, 2017

With Starbucks serving their cold brew coffee in a Mason Jar, it made me think of the history of the Mason Jar and how it got to be where it is today. Mason Jars were not always the design icons they are today. These glass jars use to just be looked at as practical, utilitarian kitchen staples. There is something so American and nostalgic about a Mason Jar. I think that is why they have become more popular over the last several years. People are wanting to go back to the simpler things. The things that remind them of an uncomplicated America, and Mason Jars do just that.
Here are some fun facts about the Mason jar:

  • The Mason jar was named after its inventor John Landis Mason
  • He invented and patented it in 1858
  • Mason, who was a tinsmith, actually invented the lid first
  • Ball Canning is one of the most popular of the Mason Jar brands. They make 17 jars per second!
  • Mason Jars are very collectible – one went for over $1000 on etsy
  • If you laid all the Mason Jars that were sold in 2015 end to end they would circle the earth

Mason Jar Lifestyle’s main goal was to help make more use of this simple piece of Americana. We have so many fun products, as we’ve shown through our various blog posts. Here are a few of my favorite things:

Head over to Mason Jar Lifestyle to pick up one – no all – of these great Mason Jar accessories. These items will step up your Mason Jar game, and make John Landis Mason very happy!

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