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Happy Earth Day!

  Hey there, Mason jar fans! Maggie and Mary here with a very special Earth Day blog post full of wit and actionable ideas!  What more could you ask for! Maggie's Story: Sometime in the very early 90s (I was in fifth grade), I was introduced to the concept of...

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Nixtamalized Corn: Tasty and Healthy!

Warning: I'm about to geek out. We've been watching "Ugly Delicious," and, earlier this week, learned about nixtamalized corn. Traditionally, this meant soaking corn in a "solution of limestone or wood ash, and water. This process freed up vitamin B3 and made it a...

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Beat the Winter Blues With a Hot Giveaway!

It's been a cold and snowy winter for a lot of us! (I'm jealous of those in warm places right now!) We have so many fun products to make those cold days just a little brighter. My personal favorite is our collection of fun sleeves so you can add hot drinks or soups to...

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New Year’s Giveaway

How is everyone's New Year going? Maybe you resolved to eat better? Our sprouting or fermentation lids should help with that! Or perhaps you plan to do some redecorating in the new year? Check out our Mason jar lighting kits or our adorable soap pump lids, which are...

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The Mason Jar Lifestyle Gift Giver’s Guide

by Mary Nadeau Hello Mason Jar Fans! It's that time of year again -- the most wonderful and... the most stressful!  I personally see December as my annual Thank-Everyone-Athon! And if you're like me, then you might be feeling stretched a little thin these days.  I...

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