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Wholesale Information

In addition to the bulk pricing available on many of our products, we also offer wholesale pricing for qualified resellers.

Our products are perfect for gift shops, coffee shops, grocery stores, craft fairs, and lots of other places.

You can resell our products in a retail store or on your own website. You cannot resell them on third party websites like Amazon or eBay, unless they are a component of a unique product. For example, it would be OK to sell a hand painted Mason jar with one of our soap pumps.

Wholesale pricing is 50% off retail on most Mason Jar Lifestyle brand products, and 40-50% off most other products. We have a $150 post-discount minimum order. Jars and books are excluded from wholesale pricing. Fermentation weights are 30% off. Domestic shipping is included, but international buyers will be invoiced for the actual price of shipping by USPS.

Some of our products come in retail packaging, but many of them are bulk packaged. I’m trying to move most products toward cardboard boxes, but some still come in plastic bags. If you have questions about packaging, please ask.

Click here to apply for a wholesale account.

Click here to access the wholesale order form.