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The Mason Jar Lifestyle Gift Giver’s Guide

Mason Jar Lifestyle affordable gift giving guide for everyone on your list - teacher friend coworker cook coffee gadget stocking stuffer

by Mary Nadeau – updated 11.18.22

Season Greetings, Mason Jar Fans!

It’s that time of year again — the most wonderful and… the most stressful!  I personally see December as my annual Thank-Everyone-Athon! And if you’re like me, then you might be feeling stretched a little thin these days.  I know that I end up burning the Yule log at both ends!  There’s the decorating.  And the baking.  And the shopping…

If you’re like me, then you probably avoid the mall at all costs – it’s way too peopley out there!  But you can still find the perfect gift for everyone on your list by sitting back, relaxing at home in your comfiest pants(no judgement here!), while sipping on some eggnog, and clicking your way to present nirvana!

Here at Mason Jar Lifestyle, we’ve got you covered!  Whether you’re shopping on a budget or searching for just the right gift for someone special, we have something for EVERY MJL Season's Greetings CardONE! We also offer FAST, FREE shipping on domestic orders over $39, PLUS you can request a personalized Season’s Greeting card with your message on it if we’re shipping directly to the recipient.  Just add a “note” to your order when you check out.

If you need some guidance on the different materials and straw styles we offer, we put together a bunch of information in Reusable Straws & You to give you some guidance!

Not sure what size jar you have for gifting?  We put together a blog post about figuring that out too!  Check out our Comprehensive Size Guide Blog Post or drop us a line for help!

So let’s get started!

The 2022 Gift Giver's Guide

Stocking Stuffers & Gifts For Around $15

Charcoal gray silicone straw hole and fermenting lid with stainless steel band for regular mouth Mason jars
straw hole lids
NEW bamboo straw hole lids

The Essentials

Our drinking combinations are super popular with kids and adults alike and certainly the most used items at my house! 

Create the perfect on-the-go hot beverage vessel or icy tumbler gift by customizing colors, lid and straw options, even what size Mason jar you use.  So grab a jar and start picking your accessories:

silicone sleeves - NEW half-gallon size
Bright blue silicone drinking / sipping lid with stainless steel band for wide mouth Mason jars
drinking lid
Leak Proof Silicone Chug Lids for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
NEW leak proof chug lids
so many sizes!
Mason Jar Lifestyle Combination pack thin bent stainless steel metal straws for Mason jars and other cups and glasses
combo pack - thin bent straws
Silicone Straw Tips for Glass and Stainless Steel Straws
NEW silicone straw tips

Your Final Straw!

We carry a lot of straws from metal to glass, paper to silicone.  Straws that are perfect for little half pints and long ones for half gallon Mason jars.  Whoever you’re shopping for – we have a straw for them!

We offer straws in multipacks if you know what you want or single straws if you’re putting together a specific drink set up.

My personal recommendation is to buy a combo pack which offers your recipient a few different options to try.  The combo packs contain 6 straws in 3 different sizes (for half pint, pint, and quart Mason jars), a cloth bag, and straw cleaner.

Mason Jar Lifestyle reusable straws glass and metal with straw cleaners and cloth storage bags
stainless steel, glass, & silicone
Mason Jar Lifestyle Combination pack safer stainless steel metal straws for Mason jars and other cups and glasses
combo pack - safer rounded straws
NEW leak proof silicone plug/stopper with straw strap
Gray Plastic Pour and Store Lid with Carry Loop for Regular and Wide Mouth Mason Jars
regular and wide mouth
with carrying loop
Mason jar lifestyle pour and store lid with handle in wide mouth colors charcoal gray brick red deep blue
NEW colors!

Pour, Store, Carry, and Go!

Our Pour and store lids are the perfect gift for everyone from the pantry organizer to the smoothie lover and everyone in between!  And we just added TWO NEW colors: brick red & deep blue!

These lids are leak proof and designed for liquid and dry goods.

Our lids are available in regular or wide mouth. You can pick our handle or carrying loop option – depending on what fits your needs best.

Gray Plastic Pour and Store Pitcher Lid with Handle for Regular and Wide Mouth Mason Jars
perfect for liquids and dry goods
Gray Plastic Pour and Store Pitcher Lid with Handle for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
with handle
Mason jar lifestyle pour and store lid with carrying loop in regular mouth colors charcoal gray brick red deep blue
brick red & deep blue
wood reusable straw carrying case

Wood You Bring a Straw?

Our wood straw carrying case is made of high quality, beautiful beechwood and finished with a food safe oil, making it low maintenance.  Fits up to our long sized straw.
A perfect sized (and priced) stocking stuffer for eco-minded recipients! 

have straw... will travel!
tiki torch oil lamp lid

Tiki Torch Time!

Another fun stocking stuffer or reasonably priced gift for outdoor enthusiasts and entertainers.  Our MJL tiki torches come in regular and wide mouth size.

regular and wide mouth
satin / brushed finish
regular and wide mouth
Foaming Soap Pump Adapter Lids for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
NEW foaming soap pumps


‘Tis the season for germs, so give the gift of stylish handwashing!  Our mirror chrome and satin brushed soap pumps are popular crowd favorites!

We carry our soap dispensers in several styles and with various options (including black, copper and rose gold too).  Pair these with your favorite jar and some fancy soap to create a personalized gift.

These pumps can also be used with hand sanitizer, lotion, dish soap, liquid hair care products, and more!  

mirror / chrome finish
perfect for every décor
Foaming Soap Pump Adapter Lids for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
improved design and quality
regular and wide mouth
galvanized metal finish

Hop Over With a Frog Lid!

Whether you’re giving flowers to a friend or new markers to a kiddo – frog / flower lids are your new BFF!  So make sure you add this gift to your cart and cover all your bases.

Don’t let the name confuse you, these lids are great for organizing, sorting, storing, displaying, and so much more!  I use them in my kitchen, on my desk, in my crafting space, in the bathroom for makeup brushes, for my kids’ art supplies – really everywhere!

We carry several different finishes with chicken wire or a square grid pattern to suit every taste.  Available in regular and wide mouth.

oil rubbed bronze finish
shiny copper finish
regular and wide mouth

Pour Some Sugar On Me

Whether you’re shopping for a coffee lover, entertainer, baker, chef, or GLITTER fan – these adorable pouring lids are perfect!

You can use these vintage inspired sugar dispensing lids for spices, sugar, salt, powders, glitter, and so much more.

easy to pour!
3 piece airlock for fermenting in Mason jars
3 piece airlock for fermentation
fits perfectly with our silicone straw hole lids

Fermentation Curious?

Someone on you list who’s interested in trying fermentation but not ready to leap into it yet?  Try our 3 piece air lock paired with a silicone straw hole lid – they’re a perfect fit!

This set is an easy and inexpensive way to start fermenting and makes it a perfect gift.

Fermenting garlic in brine in wide mouth pint Ball Mason jar with silicone fermentation lid, airlock, and glass fermentation weight
easy to set up for beginners
Silicone Fermentation and Straw Hole Tumbler Lids for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
different colors available
Wide Mouth Rust Proof Sprouting Lid with Gray Plastic Stand for Mason Jars
fits wide mouth
curved sprouting lid in regular or wide mouth

Sprouts In Winter

Hope and sprouts can spring eternal in your recipients heart and home with our innovative set up.

Our sprouting lid has built in legs keep the sprouts from touching the counter when they tip the jar upside down to drain it.  It’s like you’re always their to give them a helping hand.

Wide Mouth Rust Proof Sprouting Lid with Gray Plastic Stand for Mason Jars
rustproof, stainless steel mesh and plastic base fused together

This video shows our original curved sprouting lid but the same basics apply to both!

different finishes and cut out

Let Your Love Light Shine

Candle holders make a great gift and can easily be paired with electric or traditional votive candles to make it a set.

Our beautiful candle holders have handles so they can be hung up or set on a table or mantle to bring warmth and elegance.

We’ve creating these holders with several different cut out shapes, finishes, and in regular and wide mouth size:

regular and wide mouth
regular and wide mouth

Light Up The Night

These adorable tea light inserts create beautiful atmosphere on your holiday tablescape as well as on your outdoor patio.

Use the space in your jar for décor items like ornaments, natural elements, glass beads, and more.  You can also store extra candles which is perfect for gifting.

perfect for storage or décor
so many options!
different cut out designs

Insert The Perfect Gift Here

You can gift lid inserts just as they are or use them to create custom, personal gifts for everyone on your list!

They’re perfect to use with potpourri, candles, crafting supplies, coin banks, or put a straw through many of the center cut outs.

You can also create your own custom gift in a regular or wide mouth jar – whether it’s homemade treats you’ve loving baked or store bought goodies.  It’s easy and thoughtful!

Our MJL inserts are available in different cut out patterns such as: leaves, snowflakes, stars, daisy, coin slot, and hearts.  We also offer them in a variety of finishes such as: galvanized, copper, stainless steel, and gold.  

Mason Jar Lifestyle Copper leaf cutout lid for regular mouth Mason jars
different finishes
create the perfect gift
Antique white shabby chic decorative lids for regular and wide mouth Mason jars
regular and wide mouth
NEW bamboo storage lids

Put A Lid On It

You might be looking for a little more coverage than a cut out insert and so decorative lids are what you need!

At MJL, we’ve got a number of options to seal up your regular and wide mouth Mason jars with flair and function.

I personally love decorative lids for my crafting and sewing supplies because it keeps them neat while still at hand.  You can add silicone lid liners to some of them and make them food safe.

We carry our decorative lids in a variety of finishes such as: oil rubbed bronze, copper, antique white, matte black, and the always popular galvanized metal.  Some are available in wide and regular mouth and with or without handle.

Seven kinds of decorative handle / canister lids for regular and wide mouth Mason jars
so many options
Shiny copper handle / canister lids for regular and wide mouth Mason jars
with or without handles
Leak Proof Stainless Steel Storage Lid with Silicone Lid Liner for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
regular and wide mouth
3 different styles

Put a Label on It!

Got someone on your list who loves to keep things neat and orderly?  Labels are a great way to use your Mason jar in your pantry, fridge, freezer, in your crafting area, and everywhere else!  

Put the tare weight of your jar on your label to use for zero waste bulk shopping with ease!  

Make gifts for others and use labels as tags.

Our vinyl labels are dishwasher safe (yes, really – mine have been through many times) and reusable.  

48 labels per pack
Liquid chalk pen for writing on chalkboard labels
liquid chalk pen
Stainless Steel Grater Shredder Lid for Mason Jars
available in regular and wide mouth

Aren’t the Holidays Grate?!

You can put together a thoughtful and tasty gift for the party host, foodie, or coworker of cheese with this cute grater!  It’s stainless steel so they can toss it in the dishwasher for a quick clean up too.

Stainless Steel Grater Shredder Lid for Mason Jars
stainless steel won't rust
Stainless Steel Juicer Lid for Wide Mouth Mason Jars
fits wide mouth jars

Squeeze in Some Fun!

This stainless steel juicer fits on wide mouth jars and makes cocktail prep or fruit infused water a snap. You can pair it with a cocktail shaker lid and some drink supplies to make it a basket.

Stainless Steel Juicer Lid for Wide Mouth Mason Jars
made of stainless steel
fits regular or wide mouth Mason jars
Stainless Steel Spice Shaker Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
3 different size holes

Spice Up Your Holidays!

This rust proof, stainless steel spice lid (4 pack) fits on regular or wide mouth jars and makes cooking up something fresh a snap! 

Twist the top to reveal different size options for all your spice needs! Small, medium, and large holes, plus a wedge opening for pouring and scooping! The straight edges are perfect for leveling off your spoonful!

Stainless Steel Spice Shaker Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
made of rust proof, stainless steel
Stainless Steel Spice Shaker Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
plus wedge opening
Stainless Steel Honey Dipper Wand for Mason Jars
fits regular or wide mouth Mason jars
Stainless Steel Honey Dipper Wand for Mason Jars
made of rust proof, stainless steel

Sweeten Up Your Holidays Too!

Our new stainless steel, rust proof honey dipper is as functional as it is adorable with the bee and honeycomb design on the lid. 

You can get regular or wide mouth sizing and it’s designed for the length of a pint jar (though you could put it in a quart too). 

Pair this gift with a jar full of local honey for a sweet and simple gift everyone will be a buzz about!

adorable and functional
includes silicone sealing ring
Gray Plastic Handle Canister Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
fits regular mouth jars

Gifts You Can Handle

I love making gifts and packaging them up in ecofriendly, reusable ways is always my goal!  I love jars because they can be used over and over again in so many way.

These plastic handle lids feel great in your hand, very sturdy, are food safe, and perfect for snacks or water.

Gray Plastic Handle Canister Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars
set of 4 lids
Cotton String Mesh Market Produce Bag
made of organic cotton with storage pocket
Organic Cotton String Mesh Market Produce Bag
long straps make it easy to carry

This Holiday Shopping Is In The Bag!

Another way to make gifting and packaging them up ecofriendly and reusable is by giving them in a fabric bag! I try to do this as much as possible to reduce waste and increase the usefulness of the gift.

Our new organic, cotton string bag with handy pocket is the perfect gift for everyone since you can use them at the grocery store, farmers market, carrying lunch to work, and so much more!

Organic Cotton String Mesh Market Produce Bag
perfect for shopping or work
Organic Cotton String Mesh Market Produce Bag
fits everything you need
Mason Jar Lifestyle holiday gift guide with accessories, lids, straws, decorations, and more for Christmas or Hanukkah

Gifts Between $15-$30

wide mouth pint

Heated Leather Treats

This is one of our best selling gift sets because it’s as lovely to look at as it is to use!  Our beautiful faux leather sleeve feels great snug in your hand as you sip your toasty beverage through a silicone drinking lid.  Just add your own jar, a cozy blanket, and a good book!

This combo will replace all former favorite coffee mugs with its refined style and ease of use.

Silicone Drinking Lid
silicone drinking lids
Faux leather sleeve with handle / travel mug for Ball pint & half 24oz jars
wide mouth pint and a half
different styles and sizes
handmade in Colorado
Mason Jar Lifestyle open bottom regular mouth quart 32oz Ball jar with galvanized lid displaying miniature dollhouse furniture bell jar cloche
display treasured items

Handmade and One of a Kind

We hand cut the bottom off of Ball and Kerr Mason jars to make these striking light shades (which are one of our most popular items!). 

They can easier be used in existing light fixtures to update your shades or we sell pendant light kits as well.

They’re also perfect for crafts, candle holders, wind chimes, Mason jar cloches, or a candle chimneys.  

We offer a variety of sizes, wide and regular mouth, and lighting lids in various finishes.  You’ll be able to customize this gift to perfection!

use inside and out
Mason Jar Lifestyle open bottom quart 32oz Ball jar with antique white handle lid filled with Christmas trees for holiday decor
perfect for holiday decor
everything you need all rolled up

Have Take Out… Will Travel

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to frequent food trucks or grab a quick bite deskside – our MJL bamboo utensil set has all the bases covered!

Our set is made of sturdy, eco-friendly bamboo and transports cleanly in a high, quality cotton carrying case.