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Mason Jar Lifestyle Reviews

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reCAP Pour Spout Lid for Mason Jars
Bruce (Tacoma, WA, US)
Good but Needs Improvement

I need a reliable pouring lid for a wide mouth half gallon jar that is used daily. I ordered this lid to compare it with the pour & store pitcher lid. The two different lids seem to have to opposite strengths and weaknesses.

It has an excellent jar gasket seal. Unfortunately the snap in spout cap isn’t very tight and leaks. The spout cap also comes off of the lid hinges too easily for my liking. Maybe I got a bad one. Probably won’t order another. I will look for another solution.

Bought this one again - it's great

I'd purchased one of these to make cold brew a few years ago - and noticed that it was getting clogged after a few years of use. Bought another one and problem solved. The mesh is very fine, so the coffee is perfect, but I think after a couple of years, there's just no way to scrub out all of the fine coffee silt. I'm very happy with the new one - I use it in a Ball half-gallon jar to make cold brew coffee all summer. Also appreciate the very quick and pleasant service!

Cute light

I put these solar lids on a couple of vintage light blue Ball jars - they look great! My only complaint is that my backyard is not sunny enough, so the light is not as bright as I would like. But even in our shady yard, we get enough light out of these to provide a nice glow.


I needed to replace a mason jar “dome” to go over a small battery operated candle & couldn’t seem to find one until I discovered Mason Jar Lifestyles. Not only did they have exactly what I needed but the order shipped right away & arrived quickly & undamaged. This is a wonderful company to work with, I couldn’t be happier & would most certainly do business with them again!

Works great!

Love this filter for my cold brew---works like a charm and cleaning is a breeze (I handwash, but I see I could also throw it in the dishwasher. Liked that it came with an extra, metal, lid too.

Toothpaste Holder

Be aware the holder does not hold a large or family size tube of toothpaste. Smaller tube would fit fine.

Ball® Regular Mouth 12oz Quilted Jar
Pushpa Webb (Windsor, CT, US)

Super pleased


Love all the items and can not wait to order more!!!

Works great!

This is a great product! It makes cold brewing easy and I love that it is dishwasher safe.

Mini shaker lids

Great produce for my mini ball jars. I use them for my dry herbs, perfect solution.

Doesn’t stay tight on jar.

It’s not staying secure on the jar. Very difficult to get it on right. Wouldn’t work well for my husband who is careless.

Pour & Store Pitcher Lid with Handle for Mason Jars
Richard Andruchuk (Providence, RI, US)
Great product

Nice and sturdy. Just what I was looking for. I use it for half gallon iced tea.

Exactly what was looking for!

These holders are awesome and make a great gift!

So expensive!

I wish these weren’t so expensive. I would like a dozen of them, but will not pay this much.

Cute item

The jar fits snugly but I didn’t have real difficulty getting a standard Mason jar in the holder. I used it for a candle and it elevates the look to super cute!

H2o Measured and Safely Consumed

I wanted a fun and safe way to keep track of how much water I was drinking on a daily basis. My turquoise widemouth Mason jars record daily consumption perfectly and easily. My new stainless steel straws, ring, and silicone top provide confidence that my water will remain pure and safe to drink. I always cut up a lemon or two which adds a bit of pizzazz to this very satisfying thirst quencher. Thanks!

Great quality, wrong size.

The straws arrived in a timely fashion, but unfortunately they are too large to fit into a metal straw lid with the silicone grommet in place. Without the grommet I'm concerned the silicone will be damaged by the metal lid. So I'll be returning and searching elsewhere for straws. :-/ A bummer because I like the feel and quality of these straws, they're just too wide.

exactly what I was looking for

I use a big mason jar to make my cold brew every day and always spill when I'm pouring into my glass. This lid is exactly what I needed. I'm so glad I bought 3 of them!

No more mess!

I totally love this product! It fits on my jar, fits tight and since it goes right back on after use there is no mess! No more sticky puddles of wasted honey! Awesome product! I highly recommend it! My order came faster than I thought possible! I will be getting more of their items but I really don’t think they can top the honey dripper!

Great Lids!

I bought these lids for drinking smoothies from a mason jar. I like that the lids are stainless steel and all one piece. The grommet is the perfect size for my reusable straws and the plug works well. Very happy with my purchase!

Silicone Sleeve for Quart 32oz Mason Jars
Joseph Rossdeutcher (Kenosha, WI, US)
32 oz liners

They work very well. Easy on, stay on and easy off...very pleased.

Functions well depressing colors

I really like the sleeve it goes on and off well if you have the square jars but not the round ones. The colors are not as good in this size. I wanted the bright yellow and the pink one that I have for my small jars. You took away the happy colors.

Works great

I absolutely love the bright yellow! It works well for protecting the jar. A bit hard to get on and off but I knew that when I purchased it for half price. Definitely worth it.

reCAP Pour Spout Lid for Mason Jars
Ronna (Levant, ME, US)
I love it!

I love it! I was using a regular lid and there was always spillage everywhere when I poured. This lid totally eliminated that mess. 💖 I only have one complaint, and it's not a big one. I wish the little spout cover would have something that would keep it open while it is pouring. If I forget to hold it, it flops down and makes a little splash. I will still order more and I would definitely recommend this lid!

Curved Rust Proof Sprouting Lid and Band for Mason Jars
Barbara Stone (Silver City, NM, US)
silicone lids

Great product for wide mouth jars. I only wish you carried these for regular sized jar mouths.

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