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Stainless Steel Soap Pump Dispenser Lid Adapter (430) for Regular Mouth Mason Jars


These 430 grade stainless steel lid adapters for regular mouth Mason jars are shiny and beautiful! Customize the perfect soap pump with this lid plus one of our soap pumps, or replace a rusted soap lid.
430 grade SS does eventually rust for some customers – we also sell a variety of 304 SS soap lids that are more rust resistant.

Includes one lid adapter. Soap pumps sold separately so you can choose a unique lid and pump combination.

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Most of the soap pump lid adapters sold elsewhere are made of tinplated steel, which rusts quickly and easily. These are made of 430 grade stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust. However, it is not as resistant as 304 stainless steel. Once we sell through these we will be switching to 304 stainless steel lids.

If you do see corrosion or rust, clean it off with barkeepers friend, magic eraser, or a similar product. Water with iron content and certain soaps encourage corrosion.

If you do not also purchase a soap pump, you are getting a regular mouth Mason jar lid with a 27mm hole in the middle.


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Customer Reviews

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The 430 SS lids do rust slowly for some customers. Our 304 SS soap lids do not rust, but some people prefer the look of these 430 lids. The pump should still work, with a replacement lid.