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Solar LED String Light Lids with 20 White LEDs for Mason Jars


These gorgeous waterproof solar firefly light inserts are our best yet – with 20 LED lights per lid! Other string lights have only 5 or 10 LEDs!

6 month guarantee – if one quits working, just email us!

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These are the newest technology and highest quality solar light lids currently available, for regular or wide mouth Mason jars.

Just turn the switch to On and set them in direct sunlight, and they will automatically turn on at dusk every night! Set it and forget it convenience!

Introducing our highest quality solar lids yet! These solar lid inserts feature a black top and a three-foot-long string of 20 LED lights underneath! Use the tin band that comes with your jars to attach it – or upgrade to our stainless steel bands.

These beautiful lids also include a rubber gasket to help keep water out of your jar, making them extra weatherproof for outdoor use!

The 600mah rechargeable battery lasts for hours.

Choose Mouth Size

Regular Mouth, Wide Mouth

Choose Option

No Metal Band, With Stainless Steel Band


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Customer Reviews

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Love it

I enjoy the Solar LED String Light Lid for its beauty and night lighting. I have it in a quart blue mason jar and it is lovely.

Very nice!

These look nice but you have to turn the switch on.


These lights are so pretty in the evening! And after a good, sunny day of charging they will still be on the next morning.

I put them in 8oz Ball Aqua Vintage jars (I didn't see them here but they have them at Target). The aqua jars come with a galvanized metal band so I got the galvanized metal flower organizer frog lid from this website for the flowers. If they aren't on by the time I'm sitting outside in the evening, I just set a normal regular mouth lid on top of the solar panel to trick the sensor.

Solar lights

I love them, I had two strings, one white , the other multi. The multi stopped working so I ordered two more white, then while looking at new ones saw they take a rechargeable battery. My husband replaced the one in my multi and it works like new. I am going to take the new white ones with us camping this year.


you get an A+ for cuteness! I love these little lights in my zillion of small bottles (veganaise small bottles) that I had no idea why I was keeping! They go on the dining room table when I want to get fancy. They go outside on the picnic table when I want to put something cute and unique out…a million uses. Thank you for being creative and romantic and joyful!!!