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Mason Jars Pack & Go Lunch Bag Kit


Mason jars are the best way to bring lunch on-the-go, and this bag is the best way to carry them.

This insulated lunch bag holds 4 Mason jars, with a divider to make sure they don’t clink together and a strap for easy carrying.

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Mason jars packs are the best way to bring lunch on-the-go, and this bag is the best way to carry them.

Holds 4 jars, up to quart (32oz) size. 10″ Wide x 5″ Deep x 11″ Tall.

Insulated to keep food warm or cold. Natural linen is machine washable.

Jars, lids, and other accessories sold separately.

By Recap Mason Jars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sleek and Professional

This lunch bag looks nice and holds a lot of food! Thanks to the divider I can fit four pint and a half mason jars along with snacks. This is helpful because I will typically bring one weekly haul of lunches to work. I've done commutes as long as an hour and a half each way and this keeps everything cold. Thanks for a great product.

I love my new bag!

I look so sleek and professional, now. And my mason jars are secure and *always* right-side-up! There's a pouch for me to keep my spoon and condiments (and even a napkin!) like a civilized grown-up.
Gone are the clanky days of haulin' my lunch around in an old grocery bag, with all my jars flopping over every time I set the bag down, worried that I'll lose one on the bus.
Thank you, MJL! People are gonna start thinking I have my ship together.


Handy size with handle and outer pocket for dry goods. Wish the zipper went around the corners easier.


Love this bag! The only issue was a lot of loose strings along the seam line. I just trimmed them and now it's perfect! Holds a good amount inside. I fill with my husband's breakfast, lunch, snacks, and even a drink. He loves it!


I like it, but I'm having difficulty with the zipper.

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