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The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Book + Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker Lid


This fabulous gift set includes:

  • The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion book
  • Mason Shaker Cocktail Shaker Lid with stainless steel band for regular mouth Mason jars
  • Long Spoon / Fork for quart Mason jars

Jars not included in gift set

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This set is the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life (or just get it for yourself – you won’t be sorry)!

The set includes the fabulous Mason Jar Cocktail Companion, a stainless steel cocktail shaker lid for regular mouth Mason jars, and the perfect long spoon/fork for every mixologist!

Detailed descriptions of each below.

The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion contains more than 125 creative drink recipes tailor-made for the rustic charm of a mason jar!

Trying new and unique cocktail recipes is always fun, but the pretense that goes with it can be overwhelming. What’s the difference between a highball glass and a Collins glass? How about a martini glass and a cocktail glass? And do you really need to buy an Old Fashioned glass if you’re never going to drink an Old Fashioned? The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion combines the best aspects of your favorite creative cocktails with the rustic simplicity of the mason jar. Featuring old favorites like the Tequila Sunrise and Bloody Mary alongside new and exciting mixes such as the Whiskey Sunset and Renegade Lemonade, the Mason Jar Cocktail Companion serves as the perfect cocktail guide for both novices and experienced mixologists alike! With tips for ways to garnish and serve your drinks with style, and a variety of virgin drink recipes for younger party guests and expecting moms, get ready to host the ultimate patio party with the help of The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion.

Mason Shaker Cocktail Shaker Lid with Stainless Steel Band:

The original and patented W&P Designs Mason Shaker, paired with our logo stamped stainless steel band. This version does not come with silicone seals, so they can sometimes leak a tiny bit, but the 2 metal pieces have been precisely engineered to fit tightly.

Mix your drinks in style! This unique Mason jar shaker lid is sure to attract attention and comments!

Use with any size regular mouth Mason jar – make a small, medium, or large batch of cocktails by switching in a half-pint, pint, or quart jar!

Having a party? Keep backup quarts of cocktails in your fridge or freezer and just move this lid onto the new jars as you open them!

Perfect for small spaces – no need to store a full cocktail shaker when you already have pint or quart jars in your cabinets! Now you have room for multiple shakers!

304 stainless steel will not rust.

All parts are dishwasher safe.

Long Spoon / Fork for Quart Mason Jars:

A spoon on one end and a fork on the other! No need to carry both!

These pretty spiral stainless steel utensils are long enough for your quart and pint-and-a-half Mason jars.

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