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Leak Proof Silicone Sealing Rings Seals for Ball Plastic Caps


These silicone sealing rings make many Mason jar lids leak proof and air tight! They are designed for white plastic Ball storage caps (the newer gray lids don’t need these), Mason Jar Lifestyle plastic storage lids, and MJL stainless steel lids. They fit many other types of one piece Mason jar lids.

Made of platinum cured silicone rubber, these seals are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! They’re easy to remove and clean. Silicone is a non plastic, BPA-Free material for food use that does not leach any chemicals. Platinum cured silicone is the highest quality available.

10 seals per package.

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Mix and match silicone seals and lid liners



There’s nothing worse than capping your Mason jar with your leftovers with a regular lid, tossing it into your lunch bag, having it tip over, and leak over all everything!  Well lunch time disasters are a thing of the past with our leak proof silicone sealing rings.

The wide mouth seals are 86mm outside diameter, 69mm inside diameter, and 3.4mm thick.
The regular mouth seals are 70mm outside diameter, 50mm inside diameter, and 2.6mm thick.

One piece storage lids are super convenient when you are storing things in the fridge or pantry, but most of them are not air tight and leak proof. These seals will fix that!

These seals fit perfectly in Ball plastic storage lids and will not fall out when you hold the lid upside down. They work best with the groove up, toward the top of the lid.

If you would prefer to cover the entire lid with silicone, we also sell silicone sealing lid inserts for regular mouth Mason jars.

Don’t overtighten your lids or it can be difficult to get the lids off. Holding the lid under hot running water will help if you are having trouble removing the lid.

These sealing rings are really useful for:

  • Fridge storage
  • Freezer storage
  • Pantry storage
  • Storing jars on their sides
  • Home made airlock fermenting lids

Any odor will disappear after washing them.

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