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Juicing Lid for Wide Mouth Mason Jars


This juicing lid for wide mouth Mason jars is so practical and cute!

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Juice your favorite citrus fruits directly into a wide mouth Mason jar with one of our favorite Mason jar accessories out there – this juicing lid for wide mouth Mason jars!

Easily store your fresh squeezed juice in the fridge by replacing the lid with a storage lid when you’re finished juicing. This lid is genius!

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Juicing Lid for Wide Mouth Mason Jars


These are great. I had been looking for a jar cap that would help me handle pouring honey. This works great!


I love all my Mason jar lid conversions! The juicer is just right for juicing and storing in the Mason jar. The grater lid is perfect for grating cheese for recipes and storing in the jar and makes for easy measurement of what you are grating. My favorite is the lid with the coin slot in it. I really don't have use for 10 money jar lids but thats how they came so I had to get the 10 lids. I will use 2 for myself and my husband making a bank from a jar for each of us to put our pocket change in every day. I'll find some kids and make banks for them and use the rest of the lids that way. This was a great purchase!


It works great! I really do love that you can juice right into a large jar to store directly in the fridge. Only problem I didn’t like was I wish there was a flange to allow for larger oranges to not spill over the side.


This is a handy little juicer, especially when making dressings! Juice right into the jar, add the rest of your ingredients, slap a lid on (preferably the reCap Pour Spout Lid) and you are done.

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