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JarBox Plastic Storage Containers for Quart Mason Jars 2 Pack


JarBox is the best way to keep your Quart sized Mason jars organized, clean, and protected. They stack well and are durable enough to be used for many years.

Holds 12 regular or wide mouth Quart jars, or Pint & Half jars. Smaller jars will also fit, and be kept safe and separated.

Use them as trays, or snap them together to encase your jars completely.

2 sets (4 trays) per order. Cannot be shipped internationally.

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JarBox Plastic Storage Containers Each set is 2 identical pieces that snap together. We sell them as a 2-pack (4 trays) to make shipping easier.

Cardboard boxes will wear out quickly, rip easily, are ruined if they get wet, and do not stack well. JarBox solves all these problems!

When they are empty they nest neatly together for efficient storage.

JarBox Plastic Storage Containers Also great for storing a wide variety of other things, like craft supplies.

20″ x 14.50″ x 7.5″ high

Made in Canada with recycled content.

Dishwasher safe.

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Great service. Arrived quickly.