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Healthy Lunch Starter Set for Mason Jars


This gift set includes:
  • Mason Jars Pack & Go Lunch Bag Kit which holds 4 quart jars!
  • Our Travel Bamboo Utensil Set With Cotton Roll-Up Carrying Case
  • Either Wide or Regular Mouth Leak Proof Plastic Storage Lids for Mason Jars (you pick!)

Jars are not included in this set.

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Packing lunch just got easier!  Mason jars make grabbing leftover or prepped salads from the fridge an easy, healthy alternative to eating quick meals out!  This set is also great for hikes, picnics, road trips, and so many other outings!

Here are the details:

Mason Jars Pack & Go Lunch Bag Kit

This insulated lunch bag holds 4 quart (32 oz) Mason jars, with a divider to make sure they don’t clink together and a strap for easy carrying. 10″ Wide x 5″ Deep x 11″ Tall.

Insulated to keep food warm or cold. Natural linen is machine washable.

Travel Bamboo Utensil Set With Cotton Roll-Up Carrying Case

Our bamboo utensil set has your every need completely covered with a fork, spoon, knife, straw with cleaning brush, and a pair of chopsticks all wrapped up in a high quality, cotton carrying case.

This handsome cutlery set is made of sturdy and renewable bamboo providing you with an environmentally friendly option over single use plastics.

Whether it’s take out in your car, lunch at your desk, or a picnic in the park, you’ll enjoy it safely, sustainably, and stylishly with this flatware set!

MJL Leak Proof Plastic Storage Lids for Mason Jars

There are many brands of plastic storage lids for Mason jars on the market, but ours are the best!

Leak Proof and Air Tight – Thanks to the removable silicone lid liner.
Jar Contents Don’t Touch Plastic – The platinum cured silicone lid liner covers the entire inner surface.
More Durable – Our lids are twice as thick as Ball plastic caps.
Five Colors – Use different colors to organize your pantry.
Easy to Clean – Both parts are dishwasher safe, and the silicone liner has a tab for easy removal.
BPA Free – The plastic is Polypropylene, and the silicone is platinum cured.

Each box has 5 plastic lids and 5 silicone lid liners.  Your choice of REGULAR or WIDE mouth lids in this set.

Choose Mouth Size

Regular Mouth, Wide Mouth

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