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Gold Storage Lids for Wide Mouth Mason Jars 6 Pack

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We love these one piece lids for fridge, freezer, and dry goods storage! Made in the USA!

They are also great for all types of crafts, candles, and storage.

6 wide mouth (3″ internal diameter) lids per order

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If you use Mason jars for drinking or storage, it is essential to have an adequate supply of one piece lids. Two piece lids seal equally well but they are cumbersome to repeatedly take on and off the jar.

These serve a similar function to the plastic Ball storage lids but are more durable, seal better, and look nicer. The plastic ones tend to crack and break, especially if the jar gets dropped or tipped over.

Not for processing or canning.

They are made of tin plated steel with a plastisol liner.

We use them a lot for capping unfinished drinks, leftover food, fermented food, and sauces in the fridge. Our kids eat and drink out of half pint jars, so when they don’t finish we just put a lid on it and put it back in the fridge. In the pantry we use them on nuts and seeds, flour, sugar, and other staples.

Fits all wide mouth Mason jars.

Hand wash and dry to avoid rust.

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