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CTW Solar Star String Light Lid with 10 White LEDs and Handle for Regular Mouth Mason Jars


These gorgeous Mason jar solar fairy lights stand out from the others! A filament with ten star-shaped LED lights hangs from the lid. Everyone who sees these is in love, because they are absolutely striking in person!

There is a plastic tab in the battery compartment that must be removed before first use.

One lid per order.


Be sure to remove the plastic tab first. The light is off while the solar lid soaks up sun during the day, and then the lights turn on automatically at night. To test the light, first charge, and then put your hand over the entire top to simulate darkness and you should see the LEDs turn on.

They come with a rechargeable AAA battery that is easily replaceable.

6 month warranty. Made by Colonial Tin Works.


Colonial Tin Works

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I like it so far

I use it to replace a night night in my kitchen. I set it in the windowsill during the day and pull it in for nighttime. If it’s a sunny day it will last all night long. If it’s cloudy or raining, it won’t last so long. I have been using it this way for a couple months now and I’m very happy with it.

Only thing I don’t like about it is there is no one off switch.

Brenda Toone (Mount Airy, NC, US)

Doesn't work! Am I able to get replacement?

I'm sorry about the defective light! Please contact support at [email protected] for a replacement.

Leslie Davies (Albuquerque, NM, US)
Solar lid

Loved it for about 2 days-then it quit working

We have a 6 month guarantee, so please contact support at [email protected] for a replacement.

The problem is usually the rechargeable battery, which can be replaced.

Lesley Lyle (Mesa, AZ, US)
Make excellent rv night lights

I had originally bought these for my backyard, but I tossed them into my van before taking off across the US. They have ridden almost 3,000 miles on the dash board charging everyday. Then at night I hang them around for night lights.

Aaron Rhodes (Corvallis, MT, US)
Nice little night light

This is a very pretty string of lights. The star shape is beautiful. Everything functions as it should.