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Ball® Canning Utensil Set 4-pc for Mason Jars


All the essentials you need to get started canning your own food!

Set includes: Jar Funnel, Jar Lifter, Lid Lifter, Bubble Remover & Headspace Tool

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The Ball® Utensil Set helps you safely and easily handle hot jars and lids, fill jars, measure headspace and remove air bubbles.

Set includes:
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  • Jar Funnel: Place in mouth of jar to fill without spilling
  • Jar Lifter: Safely lift jars out of hot water with the blue gripping end
  • Lid Lifter: Lift lids out of hot water with the magnetic end
  • Bubble Remover & Headspace Tool: Slide into the side of filled jar to release air bubbles and measure headspace
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