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Primitive Soap Pump Dispenser Lid Adapters for Regular Mouth Mason Jars


These rustic lid adapters will take your soap pump to the next level. Customize the perfect soap dispenser with one of these lids plus one of our 32 styles and colors of soap pumps!

This product is only the lid adapter, not the soap pump itself. We sell the soap pumps separately so you can choose which combination of pump and lid adapter you want.

Click here to see our soap pump dispenser options plus other lid adapter options!

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These Matte Black lids are painted so they will not rust unless there is a chip and the metal shows through. We have been using them and haven’t had any rust.

The galvanized and rusty lid are not painted, and they will rust. We recommend spraying them with a sealant to prevent this, or expecting to replace them when they get too rusty. Some types of soap seem to cause corrosion faster than others.

If you do not also purchase a soap pump, you are just getting a regular mouth Mason jar lid with a 27mm (about 1 1/8″) hole in the middle.


Matte Black, Galvanized Metal, Rusty Metal


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robin (Brunswick, OH, US)
Black & Rusty soap pump lids

I love the look of the black and rusty soap pump lids! I'm using them on old canning jars I painted white & distressed. The black in my bathroom for hand soap and the rusty in my kitchen for hand soap and lotion. I did seal them with a clear Rust-Oleum spray. I appreciate all the information in the description! That's why I sealed them first.

Cecilia Johnson

I love the lid adapter. It fits an old blue Mason jar snuggly.

Primitive soap lids for regular mouth Mason jars in rust, matte black, and galvanized metalPrimitive Soap Pump Dispenser Lid Adapters for Regular Mouth Mason Jars