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Meet Mason Jar Lifestyle!

We’ve gotten so many questions about our business — what it is, why we started it, etc. I decided to make a video that pretty much sums it all up (I don’t have any experience in front of a video camera, so please excuse my dorkiness).

If you don’t want to watch a video, I’ll sum it all up for you here:

Basically, all Mason jars come in either regular mouth or wide mouth sizes. Sometimes, this will be indicated on the jar, but not always. The store packaging, however, will always say “regular” or “wide mouth.” The inner diameter for a regular mouth Mason jar is 2 3⁄8″, while the inner diameter for a wide mouth Mason jar is 3″. What this means is that any regular mouth lid will fit on any regular mouth jar, and any wide mouth lid will fit on any wide mouth jar! And this is exactly what sparked the idea for the Mason Jar Lifestyle!

With three kids, our house is filled to the brim with stuff. About a year ago, Ryan (my husband and co-founder of Mason Jar Lifestyle) started getting interested in fermentation and canning, so our house saw an influx of Mason jars. “These are so cute! I want them in every size!” I thought. But we already had too much stuff. Then it occurred to me that we could probably eliminate the need to have cupboards full of all this other “stuff” if we could figure out a way to use Mason jars for pretty much everything, since one jar, with the right Mason jar accessory, could function in countless ways. And, so, our business was born!

How awesome is it that you can use one accessory or lid on any sized jar? Take a straw hole lid (which you’ll find tons of in our shop!), for example — you stick it on a quart jar for your morning smoothie and then use that same lid for your kid’s half pint glass of milk at dinnertime! Then, when they inevitably don’t finish the milk (if they’re like our kids), put a regular storage lid on the jar and stick it in the fridge for the next morning.

Got a giant bouquet of flowers (woohoo!!!)? Grab a flower arranging lid (yes, we carry these), stick it on a quart-sized jar, and you’re good to go! Did your four-year-old surprise you by picking a few flowers from your garden? Put the same flower arranging lid on a pint jar, and make a cute little display-worthy arrangement.

At the end of the day, Mason jars allow you to live a “green” and simplified life without sacrificing style. In fact, Mason jars (and Mason jar accessories) are totally in style and, we think, can take most anything to the next level. Use Mason jars at your next party, and you’ve got your decorations covered! Give your next gift in a Mason jar (we have labels and lids to make them “pop”!), and you’re not only giving what’s inside — the Mason jar itself is an added gift!

Our goal is to give you a really fun and easy shopping experience and to supply you with helpful information on all the ways that Mason jars can add style and convenience to your everyday lives! If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or product ideas, we would absolutely love to hear from you! Please drop us a line:

Thanks for reading, and we truly appreciate your support as we launch our business! Check back often — we have new products arriving all the time!

6 thoughts on “Meet Mason Jar Lifestyle!”

  1. I love these products. So far I only have a couple of lids and a couple straws but they are in constant use. I really need to order some more. What I love best is knowing I am not contributing to a landfill with my frequent use of straws or disposable cups. Thanks for offing such a wide selection of products.

  2. Leaving this comment for the giveaway posted by Malia Martine Karlinsky from – I love mason jars and I love lanterns! So, the most favorite item on your website that I love is the Antiqued Oil Lantern Insert! That’s a WIN WIN for me! Love! Love! Love!

  3. So excited for you guys! These are some great products and I already know a couple people who will be receiving their birthday gifts from here. 🙂

  4. Leaving this comment for the giveaway posted by I love the idea of the solar lids. I made some last year using a Pinterest idea.

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We’re Maggie and Ryan, the Chief Mason Jar Geeks, founders, and owners of Mason Jar Lifestyle. We’re here to help eco-fabulous people (like you!) find the most innovative, charming, and useful Mason jar accessories anywhere (in one convenient location – lucky you!) so that you can “Live the Lifestyle” too!

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